7-Eleven just released Thai-inspired convenience meals like boat noodles, pad thai & Thai milk tea

by Natalie Lim

While we’re fairly certain that we won’t be travelling to +66 soon, 7-Eleven has brought the Land of Smiles to us by releasing Thai-inspired convenience meals

Though these prepacked meals will never take the place of freshly made street food in Bangkok, they’ll work wonders for those who crave a quick Thai fix — especially when they’re priced from just S$2.90.

7-Eleven Thai-inspired meals

7-eleven thai
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

Beat the heat with the Thai Glass Noodle Salad (S$2.90). The refreshing salad is a mix of shallots, lemon, and garlic on a bed of vermicelli and minced chicken — slightly spiced to whet your appetite for the main courses. 

For those who prefer a spicier kick, don’t forget the Tom Yum Soup (S$3), a staple in every Thai meal. Even with its affordable price, the soup contains pieces of prawns, fish, and mushrooms. When warmed, you’ll be able to get a whiff of the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves’ fragrance.

Or, opt for one of the main courses. The Thai Basil Chicken with Rice (S$3.90) comes complete with stir-fried basil chicken and a sunny side up, while the Thai Boat Noodle (S$4) will be comforting on a rainy day

7-eleven thai
Photo: Singapore Atrium Sale

And if your tongue is numb from all the fiery spices, wash it down with a cup of Iced Thai Milk Tea (S$3). You can also opt for a hot version (S$2.40) and coffee lovers can get a dose of caffeine with the Iced Coffee Thai Milk Tea (S$3.50).

To add to the list of joys, 7-Eleven will be launching  Mr Softee Coconut (S$1.50) from 24 August 2021

Since most of us are still working from home, it’ll be a great idea to get some of these Thai-inspired meals from 7-Eleven and stock up our refrigerators.

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