Instagrammable mega food hall Eatbox to open permanently in Tekka Place in Sep 2021

by Natalie Lim
Eatbox Singapore

Eatbox, a boutique version of Artbox, will be opening a permanent location in September 2021

Gone were the days where we looked forward to stuffing ourselves with street food and strolling in the bustling markets of Bangkok, without a care in the world. Travelling now seems like a far-fetched dream, but with Eatbox opening in September, perhaps, being stuck in Singapore wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Eatbox, a mega food hall with over 20 booths

Photo: Eatbox Singapore

Created by the same people behind Artbox Singapore and Shilin Night Market, Eatbox would be a boutique dining hall version of these humongous lifestyle markets. 

Spanning 9,000 square feet, this mega food hall promises over 20 food booths with crowd favourites from Artbox Singapore and new food stalls.

Photo: Eatbox Singapore

Some of these fares include live seafood, grilled steak, burgers, takoyaki and of course, Thai milk tea. 

To prevent long queues and jostling with the crowd, Eatbox has conveniently implemented a Cloud Operating System for contactless ordering and payment. 

Instagrammable corners and retail space

Photo: Eatbox Singapore

This is a gastronomic adventure that’s sure to bring your taste buds for a ride, but your eyes are in for a feast too.

Vibrant, Instagrammable corners will be peppered all over the place, and these creative murals are created in collaboration with a group of local artists and will be refreshed every six to eight months.

Since the installations are every changing, remember to snap a few pictures to forever immortalise every visit.

Photo: Eatbox Singapore

Similar to Artbox, there will also be retail stores. Be it shopping for clothes, getting cute crafts or slapping on adorable wrist tattoos, there’s something for everyone.

As of now, Eatbox is still gathering more food vendors to provide us with more options, and more details will be released soon. Wake me up, when September ends.

Eatbox Singapore
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???? Tekka Place, Annex Building, 2 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218227
????️ September 2021 (Free admission)

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