This hidden gem in Jurong sells Vietnamese banh mi with succulent BBQ pork, cheesy beef & more from just S$5

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This is for all you certified westies out there who are looking to satisfy your next banh mi fix or to add on to your list of Vietnamese eateries

ba buong banh mi
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Located in Jurong Gateway, Ba Buong Banh Mi is a humble takeaway eatery selling Vietnamese sandwiches AKA banh mi from just S$5

As someone who lives in the central area, it does sound pretty tempting to make a trip down as I can never resist a good banh mi for affordable prices. 

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The Vietnamese-owned Ba Buong Banh Mi offers a simple yet tasty menu featuring banh mi in flavours such as the Special Traditional (S$6.50)

Served on a crispy and toasted baguette, it is generously loaded with cold cut pate, assorted ham and floss with pickled vegetables and coriander. This may sound like a mouthful (literally!) but you can always request for it to be sliced in half for sharing.

Ba Buong Banh Mi
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Speaking of sharing, you might want to bring along a friend (or two) as all of their banh mi look equally appetising and worth a try, especially the BBQ Pork (S$6.50)

It is stuffed to the brim with chunks of succulent pork belly and crunchy veggies, and slathered in mayonnaise and a savoury sauce. 

Ba Buong Banh Mi
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For something a little more comforting, the BBQ Beef Cheese (S$6.50) comprises tender savoury beef patties with a nice touch of ooey gooey melted cheese. 

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Get your breakfast fix sorted with the equally satisfying Egg Pate (S$5), which sees fluffy scrambled egg with a drizzle of chilli sauce. 

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And if that is not enough, you can always order a combo (S$7.50) where you can choose from any banh mi alongside a chilled cup of Vietnamese Milk Coffee

They have other drinks as well like the Coconut Milk Coffee (S$2.50) and Milk Tea (S$2.50), namely red and green tea for those who enjoy a creamy, spiced beverage. 

Ba Buong Banh Mi
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Just take note that they currently don’t have a dine-in option but you can always head to the nearby coffee shop if you’re planning to enjoy your banh mi on the spot. 

Eager to get your fix of Vietnamese sandwiches at Ba Buong Banh Mi today?

Ba Buong Banh Mi
📍Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-277, Singapore 600132
🕐 8am–9pm (Daily)

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