This late-night Korean BBQ spot in Johor Bahru has a S$11 buffet with thick cuts of marinated pork, free-flow sides & more

by Jermina

You can’t deny that we as Singaporeans are huge foodies and are therefore always on the lookout for the next hidden cafes, new dessert chain, or affordable and authentic eats

Having said that, our go-to list can get mundane and it is always good to expand our horizons and explore beyond Singapore. 

See where I’m heading with this?

Sae Ma Eul BBQ
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Johor Bahru is a foodie’s heaven for authentic and affordable eats (and most importantly, it is just next door).  

Located just 30 minutes away from the checkpoint, Sae Ma Eul BBQ Austin Crest sells Korean barbecue and buffet at  affordable prices.

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I get it — it’s hard to have KBBQ without breaking the bank back home. Luckily for us, Sae Ma Eul BBQ offers a charcoal BBQ buffet for S$10.80 (RM38.20) per adult and S$7.80 (RM27.30) per child with a dine-time time of 100 minutes. 

Sae Ma Eul BBQ
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If you’re worried about the quality of the food, fret not because they offer different cuts of pork.

Each set comes with marinated spicy chicken ribs, marinated pork ribs, pork belly, spicy pork belly, and pork shoulder

The glistening marbled fat on the meat does look promising and packed with flavour. 

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Asides from the meats, you can also look forward to the self-service bar filled with standard banchan (side dishes) such as kimchi, pickled cucumbers, and of course, lettuce to make your ssam AKA lettuce wrap. 

Now, you won’t be too paiseh to ask the waiter to refill the kimchi for you for the fourth time. 

Sae Ma Eul BBQ
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If you’re bringing along a dining companion, go for the Value BBQ Set from just S$20. They have three sets to choose from like Set B (S$23.80, RM84) which includes pork belly, pork shoulder, and baby octopus

Add on their signature Spicy Rice Ball (S$7.10, RM25) if you like a spicy kick to your food.

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My must-haves at every KBBQ restaurant are eggs — be it steamed, fried or rolled. 

Fortunately, they have Gyeran Jjim (S$3.40, RM12) — otherwise known as steam egg filled with spring onions and carrots and topped with a hefty amount of sesame seeds. 

Sae Ma Eul BBQ
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Get some carbs to pair alongside the meat such as their Ddeok Bokki (S$7.10, RM25) or Bibim NaengMyeon (S$5.10, RM18) that come in decent portions.

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Go for the thin and crispy Kimchi Pancake (S$6.80, RM24) or Seafood Pancake (S$7.40, RM26) to share if you’re coming in a large crowd. 

No KBBQ experience is complete with a bottle (or two) of Soju (S$8.20, RM29) and at Sae Ma Eul BBQ, you’ll have three flavours to choose from — Chamisul, grape and peach. 

Did I mention that this place opens till midnight

Will you be heading down to get your supper fix? 

Sae Ma Eul BBQ
📍 2 Jalan Jaya Putra 7/5 , Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
🕐 12pm–12am (Daily)

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