Baristart Milo Dinosaur Cream Puffs will make the child in you squeal

by Evan Mua
baristart milo dinosaur cream puff

If you grew up in Singapore, chances are you’d have a strong nostalgic love for Milo. The malty drink was a huge part of our childhood — from emptying packets of Milo during recess to queueing for Milo trucks during sports day, the drink has left plenty of sweet memories.

That’s why we’re extra excited when we heard that Baristart is releasing a Milo Dinosaur version of their signature cream puff, doused in mouth-watering amounts of Milo Powder. Just the way we like it.

baristart milo dinosaur cream puff
Photo: Baristart Singapore

This special National Day item will be available only from 9 August 2021 to 31 August 2021, at both the Tras Street and Sentosa outlets. Each customer is only entitled to 1 puff, as there will be limited amounts every day.

Baristart’s Milo Dinosaur Cream Puff (S$6) comes just as the name suggests — showered with a copious amount of rich Milo powder just like the popular drink itself. After you cut through the airy pastry exterior, you’d be greeted by a treasure trove of Milo custard oozing out like molten lava.

Just looking at all that Milo goodness is already making the child inside my squeal.

baristart milo dinosaur cream puff
Photo: Baristart Singapore

Like with their Signature cream puffs, the Milo custard is made with premium Hokkaido Biei jersey milk which is known to give a delectable creaminess to the custard.

If you haven’t heard of Baristart before, the Japanese cafe is known to sell one of the best cream puffs in Singapore. So if they run out of their Milo Dinosaur cream puffs, you can still grab a few of Baristart’s signature pastry to go.

baristart milo dinosaur cream puff
Photo: Baristart Singapore

The Cream Puff (S$6) comes with a creamy custard that sports just the right amount of milky sweetness, encased within a delicately crunchy pastry shell.

Not only are these well-made but they are also massive — way bigger than your average cream puff. Plus the Hokkaido Biei jersey milk helps make the custard so silky smooth that one might not be enough to satiate you.

If you’re looking for a distinctly Singaporean snack to bring on a picnic somewhere, this might be the perfect sweet treat for this month of National Day festivities.

Baristart Milo Dinosaur Cream Puff
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