Swensen’s celebrates National Day 2021 with specials such as Nasi Lemak Pizza and Goreng Pisang Split

by Evan Mua

Not many restaurants beat Swensen’s in terms of longevity in Singapore. Since opening in 1979, they’ve become the go-to casual restaurant for many families on special occasions. I still remember all those wonderful birthdays with their ice cream cakes — those were the times.

As Singapore turns 56 this year, Swensen’s will also be releasing National Day specials to celebrate the occasion. They’ve prepared a spread of goodies that are influenced by local dishes such as Nasi Lemak, available from now until 31 August 2021.

That means you can still tune into the National Day Parade while feasting on their specials, now that the Parade has been delayed.

swensen's national day specials nasi lemak pizza

First up, we have the eye-catching Nasi Lemak Pizza (S$15.90). This Swensen’s National Day special puts quite a unique spin on a classic dish.

The pizza comes loaded with coconut and sambal chilli cheese sauce, shredded egg, cucumbers, roasted peanuts, Ikan Bilis, and boneless chicken wings. It has a mild twang and a nice dose of coconut fragrance and sports a satisfyingly crunchy crust.

If you missed out on Pizza Hut’s rendition, now is a good time to try Swensen’s National Day special pizza.

swensen's national day specials

Another classic local dish that Swensen’s has incorporated into their Western-style grub is Laksa, in the form of a Seafood Laksa Baked Rice (S$14.90).

It’s a gooey, cheesy medley of rice with shrimps, squid and fish fillet. Everything is drenched in a special Laksa Pesto sauce that packs quite a flavoursome punch, though it might be slightly salty for some.

swensen's national day specials

If Pizzas aren’t your thing but you’re still craving for a cool spin on Nasi Lemak, then the Nasi Lemak Burger (S$14.90) is for you.

This is probably the spicier of the two Nasi Lemak items from Swensen’s National Day specials. Unlike the twangy sauce in the base of the pizza, this comes with a homemade sambal sauce that will set your mouth on fire.

It also features an interesting mix of textures from the crispy and succulent chicken thigh, ikan billis, roasted peanuts, sunny side up, and buns.

swensen's national day specials 2021

There’s also a SO SHIOK Platter with Laksa & Chilli Crab Dip (S$10.90) for those who are not big fans of over-the-top fusion concepts.

The fried platter consists of Prawn Cake, Calamari Rings, Chicken Tenders and Fries, and comes with Laksa and Chilli Crab dips. Simple and fuss-free — probably a good dish to snack on while watching the parade.

swensen's national day specials 2021

Of course, it’s not a Swensen’s meal without ice cream, and their Goreng Pisang Split (S$13.90) is probably my pick out of Swensen’s National Day specials.

It comes with a trio of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, then sandwiched between two banana fritters. The fritters had a gentle crunch and a mild sweetness that really complemented the ice cream, especially the chocolate.

There’s also a SO SHIOK! Set for 2 (S$56) if you’re looking to share all these goodies with a loved one. And what better time to share than in this dreary pandemic period? Sharing is caring, after all.

Swensen’s National Day Specials 2021
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