Black Crow Taxidermy has a new incredible and free art exhibition where you can see mythical creatures like fairies and more

black crow taxidermy

From Grady Stiles the Lobster Boy and Four-legged Lady Myrtle Corbin… To the infamous Feejee Mermaid by P.T. Barnum during the 1840s which was a showcase presented as a mummified mermaid (created using the head and torso of a monkey that was sewn to the back half of a fish) to captivated audiences…

There were plenty of famous freakshows or sideshows from way back in the late 19th to the early 20th century. These featured ‘amazing discoveries’ such as proof of the existence of mermaids and fairies, where mermaid and fairy remains were featured. And if you’re ever wondered what it might be like to have visited one of these, here’s your chance.

black crow taxidermy
Photo: @blackcrow_taxidermy/instagram

While it’s most definitely not a freakshow, this incredible exhibition in Singapore brings fantastical fiction into reality such as fairies and three-headed dogs, whether you believe in fairies or not. Head over to BELIEVE, A Collection of Wondrous Creatures, a one-of-a-kind art exhibition by UltraSuperNew Gallery and Black Crow Taxidermy for an eye-opening time.

Photos: @blackcrow_taxidermy/instagram

You can expect to find spectacular and original works of art like mythical creatures brought to life (or death) using ethically sourced and preserved body parts of various bugs and skeletal remains – thanks to the whimsical imagination of the people behind Black Crow Taxidermy.

black crow taxidermy
Photos: @blackcrow_taxidermy/instagram

From the usual preserved taxidermy specimens to magical beasts, butterfly mandalas and gorgeous canvas compositions using paint and clay… Enjoy a wondrous display of beauty and colours at this exhibition held at the UltraSuperNew Gallery at Tyrwhitt Road from 8 to 30 October 2022 with free admission!

PS: A sneak preview of the exhibition is also available on 7 October 2022 from 7pm to 10pm where you can get first dibs and check out the art available before everyone else, as well as meet the artist!

BELIEVE, A Collection of Wondrous Creatures
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???? 168 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore
???? 12pm – 8pm (Tue to Sun) 

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