This late-night cafe in Johor Bahru has viral oozy taro-filled croissants, taro basque cheesecakes, taro latte & more

by Kaye Yeo

As a taro addict, The Blue Door Coffee House immediately caught my eye when it went viral on XHS. Filling my feed were pictures of smooth taro cream spilling out of a croissant, and videos of influencers recommending a taro latte that was chock-full of thick taro paste.

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: Huifen Lee/google images

But contrary to what I’ve been seeing online, this cafe that opened in Mount Austin this June 2023, is not a taro-centric cafe. Like any other cafe, it sells desserts, and of course, as their name suggests, speciality coffee.

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: @Ah Weeoon/RED

You might think the aesthetic fusion of retro and modern industrial-themed decor, or the large queen-sized bed right smack in the middle of the floor would have brought The Blue Door Coffee House to everyone’s front page. Instead, it was the extremely generous fillings in their croissants, the star of their menu, that went viral.

Photo: @Ah Weeoon/RED

Bite into the crispy, buttery Yam Croissant (S$4.01, RM13.80) with a combination of milky cream and fragrant yam (taro). The croissant is topped with crushed almonds and even more yam cream — in case you didn’t get enough.

Photo: @草莓siri/RED

Their Chocolate Croissant (S$2.88, RM9.90) is also filled to the brim with chocolate cream that comes oozing with a stab of your fork. Just look at the amount of chocolate that can fit in this croissant!

Photo: The Blue Door Coffee House – Coffee Specialty

There are plenty of choices for you to pick from. Not to mention, the cafe’s menu changes pretty frequently every few months or so with new flavours and seasonal items, so you’ll never get bored of re-visiting The Blue Door.

Check out the Earl Grey Croissant (S$4.36, RM15), one of their latest additions to the menu, or their savoury croissants like the Mentai Sauce Croissant (S$2.88, RM9.90) which has mentaiko sauce slathered over it with a sprinkling of seaweed, bean sprouts and sesame seed for that extra “sushi” flavour. 

Photo: @探店de鱼🐟 该省省该花花/RED

Their cakes are not to be underestimated as well, such as the bittersweet Chocolate Basque (S$4.07, RM14) and Matchamisu (S$6.40, RM22) which is tiramisu made with Niko Neko matcha that’ll capture even the hearts of non-sweet lovers.

For me, I’ll definitely be going after the Original Classic Yam Basque (S$5.24, RM18), a cheesecake that is also dusted with purple sweet potato powder!

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: sm see/google images

On to the cafe’s specialties — coffee! The most popular is definitely the Homemade Taro Latte (S$5.24, RM18), which surprisingly, can be caffeine-free too! You can just request the coffee to be left out, and you’ll receive a cup that is 70% taro and 30% milk. Sounds like a pretty delicious ratio.

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: @chicksclique_/instagram

Other than the classic options like black or white coffee (from S$3.20, RM11), they also offer limited-time drinks like Creme Brulee Latte (S$6.69, RM23) which is likely to be taken off the menu very soon.

The Coconut Candy (S$5.82, RM20) is both refreshing and boasts stunning aesthetics, with butterfly pea flower and coconut jelly buried under a layer of creamy coconut milk foam. It comes with a small bottle of cold brew, but you can choose to not pour it in. 

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: @家里的长颈鹿/RED

The BeeBee (S$4.65, RM16) — a harmonious combination of honey, lemon, earl grey and (optional) cold brew — is even served with a piece of honeycomb.

The Blue Door Coffee House
Photo: @Ah Weeoon/RED

The cafe opens till 12am on Fridays and weekends, so you know where to go for a late night chat with some insta-worthy bites and vibes the next time you’re in Johor Bahru!

The Blue Door Coffee House – Coffee Specialty
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 36A, Jalan Austin Height 7/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
???? 12pm–9pm (Mon to Wed), 11am–12am (Thu to Sun)

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