Get XL-sized Taiwanese wheel cakes with over 20 flavours and ice cream from just S$1.72 at this store in Johor Bahru

by Kaye Yeo

As a beloved Taiwanese street food delicacy, wheel cakes are an absolute must-try for dessert aficionados.

It’s a rarity in Singapore, though you can find them for S$3 at the TaiWan Night Market that opened in July 2023. The other closest alternative you can find in Singapore would be the pancakes from Mr. Bean, but let’s face it, they don’t quite capture that authentic taste.

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Now, you can get them from just S$1.72 (RM5.90) at Happiness Wheel Cake right across the border in Mount Austin! Plus, their wheel cakes are XL-sized — three times larger than your usual ones.

You’ll want to leave some room in your stomach for this snack since these wheel cakes are rather substantially sized, and not to mention, come in a tempting selection of 21 different flavors to try out.

Happiness Wheel Cake
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Other than the usual Chocolate (S$1.72, RM5.90), Custard (S$1.72, RM5.90) and Matcha Red Bean (S$1.72, RM5.90) flavours, they have savoury flavours like salted egg combinations, Durian (S$3.75, RM12.90), and Orleans Chicken Cheese (S$2.30, RM7.90) as well.

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One of their best sellers is the Salty Egg Yam (S$2.30, RM7.90) — you’ll be taken in by the creaminess and fragrance of the yam (taro) filling in one bite. Although it looks like a mooncake, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the huge salted egg yolk within the wheel cake is moist and flavourful in contrast to the dry yolks commonly found in mooncakes.

Happiness Wheel Cake
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The Cai Poh (S$1.72, RM5.90) wheel cake is an addictive one, with a hint of spice that perfectly complements the saltiness of the preserved radish, keeping you craving for more.

Their cheese-stuffed wheel cakes like Ham Corn Cheese (S$2.30, RM7.90), Orleans Chicken Cheese and Chicken Floss Cheese (S$2.30, RM7.90) are popular among stcustomers for their mouthwatering endless cheese pull when you take a bite.

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For those who have a sweet tooth, go for the Peanut Chocolate (S$1.72, RM5.90) which is packed to the brim with rich Belgium chocolate and crunchy peanuts.

Need something more refreshing for those hot summer days? Happiness Wheel Cake offers Ice Cream Wheel Cakes (S$1.72, RM5.90) in six flavours, including Mint Choc Chip, Cookies ‘N Cream, Coconut and more.

Happiness Wheel Cake
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Though Happiness Wheel Cake is known for their wheel cakes, they have a full menu of traditional Taiwanese delicacies from mains to desserts and drinks. 

You can find Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua at just S$3.49 (RM12), Taiwanese Shaved Ice (from S$4.36, RM15), and drinks like bubble tea, fresh milk and more (from S$2.30, RM7.90).

Happiness Wheel Cake
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Happiness Wheel Cake has multiple outlets across Malaysia, including several in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. Although their recently renovated Mount Austin outlet has been gaining popularity on social media, feel free to visit the most convenient one on your next trip across the border!

Happiness Wheel Cake
Facebook | Website 
???? 32 Jalan Austin Height 7/8, Taman Mount Austin
???? 1.15pm–11.40pm

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