This mookata joint is hidden in Marsiling with free-flow house-made mentaiko sauce, affordable set meals, and is open until 2am daily

by Marcus Leong

Singaporeans have a strong affection for Thai food, more specifically mookata. There’s this mookata spot hidden in Marsiling that serves yummy mookata at affordable prices. Plus, they’ve got a very quirky name that will surely stick to your mind. 

Thai Me Up
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Thai Me Up (yes, that is their name) is located in Marsiling Industrial Estate, just a short walk from Woodlands MRT station. And you might be familiar with their other brand, Lok Me Up, a popular lok lok stall in Toa Payoh. They’ve brought their signature mentaiko sauce to this mookata outlet and the best part is, it is free-flowwho can say no to that? 

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What’s great about mookata besides the yummy sweet Thai marinated meats are the sauces. Thai Me Up has four free-flow sauces, namely, Mentaiko, Nacho Cheese, Thai Seafood Chilli, and Thai Suki Chilli. Mentaiko lovers will love their savoury and creamy mentaiko sauce, while spice lovers will enjoy the Thai chilli sauces.

Food-wise, the mookata joint offers a wide selection of marinated meats, seafood, and snacks, and more. But of course, it’s always a group affair when it comes to eating mookata, which is why Thai Me Up also has affordable combo sets. The Platter for two will set you back just S$25, while the Platter for four costs just S$45

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We ordered the Platter for two which came with a wide assortment of meats like marinated garlic chicken, garlic pork belly, garlic pork collar, tiger prawns, cheese tofu, thai fish cake, and so much more! Honestly, this was super value for money, and you can always add on a few side dishes to pair with the set meal. Portion wise, it was also good to be shared among three people — depending on how big your appetite is, of course. 

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My favourite was the garlic pork belly — anything with garlic is always a win to me. The savouriness of the pork belly complemented well with the charred bits of garlic. Dip it into the tangy and spicy house-made Thai chilli sauce for an added spice kick. 

The marinated chicken, however, could’ve used a little bit more seasoning in my opinion. Fortunately, the Nacho Cheese dip really helped to make the chicken tastier — everything always tastes better with a little bit of cheese, am I right? 

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No mookata meal is complete without a serving (or two) of the iconic Thai MaMa Tom Yum noodles. A pro tip shared by some mookata veterans is to stir fry the noodles on the grill and then mix in the tom yum seasoning to get a more flavourful serving of noodles — super yummy indeed! 

But of course, you can still enjoy the mama noodles the traditional way which is to boil it in the hearty soup broth and add in your tom yum seasoning. 

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Take a break from cooking and chow down some yummy ready-to-eat sides. The menu features your quintessential Thai snacks like moo ping (S$5), Thai style cockles (S$12), as well as a plate of six Thai style sashimi grade Hyogo Oysters (S$25) for the oyster lovers and those who are feeling a lil boujee. 

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The most popular snack is the Half Shelled Scallop with Cheese (S$7). There’s also one with mentaiko sauce for all the mentaiko lovers out there. These scallops were all the rave online and having tried them, I can see why. 

The scallops were extremely juicy and fresh, topped with the smokey savoury nacho cheese and mentaiko mayo. I personally preferred the nacho cheese as I found the mentaiko to be a little bit too salty for my liking. 

screencap from @thaimeupsg/tiktok

Another highly raved about side was the Portobello mushroom with cheese (S$7). However, that was unfortunately unavailable. Looks like I’ll have to make another visit back to give those a go. 

Thai Me Up is also conveniently located just a short walk from Republic Polytechnic. Attention all RP students, if you’re looking for somewhere to chill with your besties after school, make sure to hit this place up. Don’t forget to flash your RP student card to score yourself an extra 10% discount off your bill!

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Not from RP? No problem! Thai Me Up also has an exclusive deal just for our readers for the month September only. Simply flash @tastesoul’s TikTok video or this article and you can redeem a free serving of moo ping (U.P. S$5). Each serving comes with two sticks of moo ping and the deal is limited to one set per group

Looking for a new late-night supper spot? Thai Me Up is open until 2am to satisfy your hunger pangs! 

Thai Me Up 
Facebook | Instagram | TikTok
📍 10 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 1 #01-01, Singapore 739276
🕐 5pm—2am (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong and June Ngooi

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