13 things to do at Bouncy Paradise Singapore, the largest inflatable playground for kids of all ages

Bouncy Paradise

It’s colourful, it’s fun and any kid (or kid at heart like me) will enjoy spending a couple of hours unleashing some of that weekend energy here at Bouncy Paradise.

The largest inflatable playground in Singapore, with 13 different play zones including its mega unicorn rainbow slide reminds me of the colourful slides and bouncy playfulness in My Little Pony.

Here’s where you can bounce around like the quintessentially pink and kooky Pinkie Pie and have a ton of fun in this candy-coloured wonderland. Wondering what’s available to do in this huge 20,000 sqft playground?

bouncy paradise
Photos: @bouncyparadise/instagram, @halimreflects/instagram

First up, get ready to zip down 20 different mega-sized rainbow slides, each over 6m tall at the Mega Unicorn Rainbow Slide. Done with the slides? Swim, dive or surf your way through the 2000 sqft Giant Interactive Ball Pit with over 300,000 balls, and hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of inflatable floats to play with.

Photos: @ioshiro227/instagram, @bouncyparadise/instagram

Become a bouncing toy in the next feature, a life-sized Gachapon Toy Machine then head over to the 20m Trampoline Jumping Zone where you can jump, flip and bounce your way through – and dive into ball pits or have fun dunking balls into the basketball hoops at the Basketball Bounce Court along the way! You don’t have to be 2m tall to slam dunk here.

bouncy paradise
Photos: @bouncyparadise/instagram

Have kids that love climbing around? Then they’ll fully enjoy clambering all over the Freestanding 360° Rockclimbing Wall where you won’t have to fear them falling off and getting hurt. At the Minesweeper, the battle with your friends is on. Avoid getting swept off your feet and challenge your balance. Otherwise, safe and fun, here’s a new take on the Flying Fox where you get to zipline from one bouncy end to the other.

Photos: @ah_bin_zai/instagram, @bouncyparadise/instagram

Ready and steady, walk along the Balance Beam before finally jumping off into a — you guessed it — bouncy rainbow air cushion. Love a good obstacle course? Take it to the next level with a bouncy Obstacle Challenge, or head to the Bubble Bouncers where you can bounce from one bouncy bubble to another with some extra bouncy air bags.

bouncy paradise
Photos: @jeanwongboustany/instagram, @marksonchua/instagram

Last but not least, just for the little ones between 1.5 to 4 years old, your toddlers will enjoy the Toddler’s Play Zone complete with the Rainbow Maze, Mini Mountains and the Toddler Castle, a classic bouncy castle complete with slides, balls and foam blocks.

Having been to similar trampoline parks and playgrounds, it’s surprising how fun a couple of hours just jumping and bouncing around can be.

Bouncy Paradise might just be the next great weekend activity to plan for with your kids, or friends!

Bouncy Paradise
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