Braise 卤之家 at Golden Mile serves rich S$3 Taiwanese braised pork rice to long queues

by Evan Mua

Missing Taiwan and its delicious food? You’re not alone. We’ve popular Taiwanese outlets popping up everywhere to ferverous crowds, with Braise 卤之家 being one of the most popular new additions, drawing long queues to Golden Mile Food Centre.

Braise 卤之家 golden mile
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One cool thing about Braise 卤之家 is their extensive menu that gives you multiple choices for braised pork that range from an affordable S$3 Taiwan Braised Pork Rice to a goodie-filled bowl of braised pork cheeks for S$8.

With the variety and affordability here, it’s no wonder the stall draws one of the biggest crowds at the popular hawker centre — so head down earlier before everything gets sold out, which can be very early.

Braise 卤之家 golden mile
Photo: Braise 卤之家

The Braise 卤之家 chef’s recommendation is to go big or go home — get the Braised Pork Cheek Set (S$8) for the leaner and more tender cut of meat, magnificently drenched in their rich, herbaceous sauce that has undergone hours of braising.

Sure, it’s the most expensive item on the menu but the array of side ingredients that go into each bowl does make it look a lot more worth. Each bowl of their rice set comes loaded with a generous helping of black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, tau kwa, tau pok, and some healthy veggies then crowned with a runny golden ramen egg for those who want something befitting of their feeds.

Photo: Braise 卤之家

Let’s say you’re more a fan of fatty meat then another bestseller at 卤之家 is their Braised Pork Belly Set (S$5) for that melt-in-mouth decadence. Other rice set choices include the Pork Shank (S$4) and Pork Rib (S$5).

For the big eaters, Braise 卤之家 also allows you to top up a bit more to pile on the meat at $2 for the shank, belly and rib, $3 for cheek.

Braise 卤之家
Photo: Chia Calvin/google maps

Alternatively, if you find yourself craving more of their sides you can also add them on, including S$1.50 for the ramen egg, black fungus, shittake mushrooms or tau kwa, S$1 more for vegetables or tau pok, and S$0.50 for rice or porridge if you require more carbs.

Braise 卤之家
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???? 505 Beach Rd, #01-104 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
???? 11am–3pm (Tue to Sun)

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