Get a taste of Omakase Burger for S$7.90 at Burger House opened by ex-OB head chef at Beauty World

by Evan Mua
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We got sad news last week from Omakase Burger, one of the OGs of the local burger scene, who announced the impending closure of all their Singapore outlets by 27 October. Don’t worry if you’re one of their fans though — you can still have a taste of Omakase Burger at a hawker stall called Burger House.

Ok, it’s not quite “the same” same but this humbled joint at Beauty World is run by a former head chef at Omakase Burger, selling burgers at wallet-friendly prices from as low as S$6.20.

burger house singapore
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Of course, Beauty World regulars would know of the open-air rooftop hawker centre as a hotspot for artisan burgers, previously being home to the popular Ham Bao Bao who closed a few years back. So Burger House was a fitting addition to the compound.

Being an old-school believer in making food by hand, you can find that the patties here are painstakingly moulded by hand by the chef himself with manually-grounded beef, to make sure you get the best possible patties.

burger house singapore omakase burger
Photo: Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice

Their menu isn’t extensive with but there’s something for everyone, ranging from classic beef to vegetarian selections. If you’re looking for a no-frills and textbook burger, Burger House’s Beef Burger can satiate your cravings for just S$7.90 — quite a good price for a handmade patty burger.

Each beefy parcel comes with a succulent New Zealand beef patty, fluffy torched buns, punchy cheddar and the classic finishing of lettuce and tomato. If that isn’t enough, you can top up a mere S$2 for a Set and get a side of crunchy Fries and a refreshing cup of Lemonade to fight the Singapore heat.

burger house singapore omakase burger
Photo: Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice

If beef isn’t quite your beat, you can also get Burger House’s Chicken Burger (S$6.20), Mushroom Burger (S$6.90) or Truffle Mozzarella Cheese Burger (S$9.90) instead.

With a rich molten cheese patty and the fragrance of truffle oil, the latter of the 3 is something rather unique which you won’t be able to find at most burger joints, much less at a hawker centre for this price.

Will Burger House be a replacement for Omakase Burger? Probably not, they’re very different beasts. But if you want to look for an affordable burger made by someone who spearheaded one of the most trusted burger brands in Singapore, it’s worth checking it out.

Burger House Singapore
???? 144 Upp Bukit Timah Rd, #04-42 Beauty World Food Centre, Singapore 588177
????11am–8pm (Daily)

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