CAVA is a pet-friendly cafe with Rosti Waffles, Otah Bruschetta & more unique dishes

by Jesslyn Lye

There are a ton of great cafes in Singapore if you’re looking for a good brunch spot, but what makes CAVA stand out from the deluge of cafes is how unique and creative their dishes are. 

Photo: CAVA

A must-try dish is the Otah Bruschetta (S$16), oven-baked sourdough with a thick layer of Muar Otah and melted cheese spread on top. Served with keropok fries and greens on the side, the dish puts a creative local twist on a beloved brunch classic.

Photos: @angeline_low0203/instagram, @jessicaaimi/instagram

The cafe also has a Rosti Platter (S$19), but instead of your traditional rosti, you’ll find the dish comprises rosti waffles instead. Served with pork sausage, sauteed wild mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes, the rosti waffles are topped with poached egg and lime hollandaise dressing. As someone who loves rosti, I was really excited to see the cafe’s unique take on the classic Swiss potato dish.

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If you prefer a pasta dish instead, or if you love seafood, go for the Sakura Cream Tagliatelle (S$19). Tossed in mentaiko cream and topped with sakura ebi, the long ribbons of al dente pasta come with scallops, tiger prawns, and clams.

Photos: CAVA, @tummyforlyfe/instagram

And of course, what’s a cafe without coffee? Sip on a Puff Rice Cafe Latte (S$8) or a Speculoos Cafe Latte (S$8) as you enjoy your meal — or if you prefer something non-caffeinated, the Rosé Matcha Latte (S$8) and the Choco Dream (S$7) are also great options. 

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The cafe also has a beautiful outdoor seating area that’s pet-friendly, so if you’re looking for somewhere new to bring your furkids (or if you just want to watch all the adorable doggos run around), you know where to go. 

With a menu like that, CAVA is definitely one cafe you should add to your list of brunch spots to check out.

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???? 8 Jln Gelenggang, Singapore 578190
???? 10am – 10.30pm (Mon to Thu, Sun), 10am – 11am (Fri to Sat)

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