What is the Clubhouse app and why is it so exclusive?

by Natalie Lim

By now, some of us would have heard of Clubhouse, the beta iOS app that’s only available on the Apple App Store.

The app functions as an audio-only social media and is somewhat like a podcast — but instead, you’re listening to a live conversation. Legally.

What is Clubhouse about?

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Interaction is only done through audio chats, and users can listen to conversations between interesting or famous people and follow interviews. To date, Elon Musk, Kevin Hart and even Bill Gates have been spotted on the app, and other Hollywood A-listers have already been signing up.

Some of them are using the app to connect with fans, or connecting with other power players and celebs to exchange ideas. If you’re lucky, you may even be invited to join in the chat.

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Depending on your interests, the app’s algorithm will show you chat rooms that are hosting panel talks on preferred topics. Be it music, cinema, culture or gaming, there is everything under the sun to talk about.

For those that wish to command the stage, you can host a talk show as well too. It’s a refreshing change from the usual social media, granted that other apps such as TikTok and Instagram use visuals to garner attention.

How do I join the app?

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Though reading this tidbit may have gotten you excited enough to want to check Clubhouse out, you have to hold your horses. The app functions via an invite-only basis, which means that you need an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user to get access. 

The existing Clubhouse user has to send an invite from their app which will offer access to someone to set up an account. When someone is invited, they’ll receive a link on their phone that will direct the user to the sign-up page.

Every new user gets two invites, and they earn more as they use the app. What’s more, the app is only available to iPhone users, though some reports are stating that an Android app is in the works.

From what we’re seeing, the app is equivalent to getting the cool kid’s invite to a house party and getting accepted into a social club

If you really can’t wait, there are people selling Clubhouse invites on Carousell and Shopee. However, do be wary of scams. 


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