16 Yusheng platters under S$50 for your budget-friendly CNY party

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Yusheng tossing is all fun and games until the bill rolls around. But we’re firm believers that partaking in the festivity shouldn’t cost you an arm, a leg, and your first born altogether. Which is why we’ve rounded up 16 affordable yusheng platters under S$50 so that your CNY dinners this year don’t have to break the bank.

1. Din Tai Fung (S$48.80++)

Photo: Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung’s classic Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (S$48.80++) features Norwegian smoked salmon atop a fluffy bed of carrots, green, and white radish, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and crispy yam strips, and finally dressed with their in-house signature plum dressing. This serves four to six pax. 

This yusheng also comes with top-ups such as Fried Salmon Skin (S$4.80), additional Sliced Smoked Salmon (S$9.80), and additional Crispy Yam Strips (S$3.80)

Place your orders in-store at Din Tai Fung outlets island-wide.

2. Pinkfish (from S$11.90)

Photo: Pinkfish

While yusheng tossing tends to be a group activity, perhaps you’re looking to usher in the new year in a quieter approach, or just want to enjoy a yusheng lunch without the formalities.

One of the only few restaurants serving a personal-sized servings of yusheng, Pinkfish offers their yusheng plates in Small (S$11.90), Medium (S$15.90), and Large (S$19.90), as well as an affordable Family Platter at S$28.90.

Place your order here.

3. Bali Thai (from S$38.80)

Photo: Bali Thai

For a change, try a Thai-style yusheng this year instead that’ll still see the same kind of colours on your plate, but with a twist. Bali Thai‘s Yu Sheng Thai Style (S$38.80++) feeds four pax and comprises Thai Fragrant Herbs, pomelo, jellyfish, mango, cashew nuts, assorted condiments, and a homemade Thai special sauce. To finish, choose between fresh prawns, crispy fish skin, or crispy mushroom for a vegetarian-friendly set. 

Place your order here.

4. Don Don Donki (from S$22)

Photo: @singaporeatriumsale/facebook

Don Don Donki’s yusheng selection starts from S$22 for Plain Yusheng, but you can choose to jazz up your platter with additional goodies such as Scallop Sashimi (S$38.00) or Salmon Sashimi (S$35.80). If you feel like going big and treating yourself and your loved ones, go for the Premium Yusheng platter (S$40), which features medium fatty tuna and sea bream sashimi. This platter serves six to eight pax. 

Place your orders in-store at any Don Don Donki outlet.

5. Neo Garden (from S$41.52)

Photo: @NeoGardenCatering/facebook

No stranger to the catering field, Neo Garden is a familiar name whenever dinner party essentials come to mind. With over 10,000 plates sold yearly, it’s lauded as the “King of Yusheng”, and with a vast array of offerings to boot. 

While you might find yourself getting lost in their extensive yusheng menu, I’m here to point you towards the affordable Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng Set in Small (S$41.52 with GST) for your intimate CNY party needs. Otherwise, there are also unique options like the healthy Rainbow Fruits Yu Sheng (S$94.16) if your budget allows for it. 

Place your order here.

6. Greendot (S$36.90)

Photo: Greendot

For those looking for a healthier alternative, Greendot offers a meatless Blooming Prosperity “Salmon” Yu Sheng Platter (S$36.90) and the vegan-friendly Blooming Prosperity Bai Ling Mushroom Yu Sheng Platter (S$36.90). Take your pick from either the yusheng sauce or yuzu sauce. This platter serves three to four pax.

Place your order here.

7. A-One Signature (S$32.80)

Photo: A-One Signature

Abalone fans, this one’s for you. A-One Signature has rolled out their Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng (S$32.80), that comes with a portion of succulent mini abalones. Serving up to eight pax, this platter is the perfect option when it comes to having both quality and quantity, and you can be assured that your family and loved ones will definitely be well fed. 

Place your order here.

8. Swensen’s (S$26.80)

Photo: Swensen’s

Swensen’s Prosperity Yusheng (S$26.80) comes with 18 generous toppings such as romaine lettuce, Chinese lettuce, turnip, shimeji mushrooms, and carrots, alongside smoked Norwegian salmon. Toss it with their homemade sweet & sour plum sauce and a sprinkle of spices for a new year of abundance. This platter serves three to six pax.

Place your order here.

9. White Restaurant (S$48.18)

Photo: @whiterestaurant.sembawang.whitebeehoon/facebook

While White Restaurant serves up a fantastic plate of white beehoon, that’s not all they’re good at. The 鸿运鲍鱼捞生 Fortune Abalone Yusheng (S$48.18) serves three to five diners, and is plated with a round of mini abalones to prove that eating well doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Alternatively, you may also add S$28.60 to upsize your platter for a bigger party of five to eight, if the need arises. 

Place your order here.

10. Sushi Tei (from S$24)

Photo: Sushi Tei

Free-styling comes in a whole new form with Sushi Tei’s Create-Your-Own Yusheng. Starting at S$24 for a medium platter that serves three to four pax, it comes with the basic yusheng fixings such as veggies, sauces, and condiments. Choose from a variety of sashimi add-on options such as Mekajiki/Swordfish (S$9.80), Hamachi/Yellowtail (S$11.80) and Awabi/Abalone (S$14.80)

Make your orders in-store at all Sushi Tei outlets island-wide.

11. Chopsuey Cafe (S$44.46)

Photo: Chopsuey Cafe

In 2022, we’re eating more consciously and carefully. Sometimes, we don’t need a full portion of yusheng only to waste half of it when it ends up on the table, floor, and maybe even walls. Chopsuey Cafe offers the Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ – Half Portion (S$44.46) so that you can take (and consume) only what you need because #newyearnewyou.

Place your order here.

12. Forage Cafe (S$48)

Photo: Forage Cafe

Our vote for most interesting yusheng platter has to be the one from Forage Cafe. Serving up to eight pax, the Auspicious Yu Sheng (S$48) comes topped with exciting popping boba, crispy fish skin and honey plum sauce, infused with 100% natural honey. Impressed? ‘Cause we definitely are. 

Place your order here.

13. Archisen Just Produce Salad (S$4.50/100g)

Photo: Michelin Guide Digital-Singapore (picture only for reference)

The great thing about a salad yusheng is that people will actually eat it, firstly, and buying your veggies by the weight lets you control the portion accordingly, preventing wastage at the end of your tossing pleasure. Instead of taking the conventional route, why not take a stab at locally-farmed Archisen fresh produce so you can eat healthy while supporting local?

The vegetables are grown under a Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) setting that’s free of chemical pesticides or GMOs, so you can be sure that what you’re putting in your body is as healthy as healthy gets. Also, the salad offerings (S$4.50/100g) come in naturally-flavoured variants of Wasabi, Lemon and Himalayan Pink Salt, so there’s always the option to jazz up your meal if you’re up for it.

Purchase your salad here.

14. Lai Wah Restaurant (S$43)

Photo: @laiwahrest/facebook

An unfailing option for a good ol’ Chinese dinner, Lai Wah Restaurant remains as one of the OGs when it comes to festive occasions. Their abalone-forward Chinese New Year Yusheng (S$43) sees whole abalone atop the usual garnish and sauce for a classic set that serves five to seven people, perfect for your socially-distanced and compliant parties at home. 

Place your order here.

15. Home of Seafood (from S$28.80++)

Photo: Home of Seafood

Halal-certified Home of Seafood’s Prosperity Yusheng features specialty Gui Fei Abalone (S$28.80++ for small, S$38.80++ for large) that pairs perfectly with the regular yusheng fixings. Other options include the Norwegian Salmon Yusheng (S$38.80++ for small, S$48.80++ for large) and the Australian Abalone Yusheng (S$48.80++ for small, S$68.80++ for large).

Place your order here.

16. Ichiban Boshi (S$36.80)

Photo: Ichiban Boshi

If you’re looking to celebrate in a small group this year, Ichiban Boshi presents its Celebration Yusheng Platter (S$36.80) that serves two to three pax. In addition to the usual yusheng, this set comes with 12 delicious pieces of salmon sashimi that will be sure to satisfy any sashimi lover’s cravings. Do note that this is only available for dine-in.

Find the nearest Ichiban Boshi outlet here.

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