Night Safari dazzles with a revamped Creatures of the Night Show featuring new animals, special visual effects, and a massive 1000-seater amphitheatre

by Trinity Sun

Night Safari’s Creatures of the Night Show has long been a crowd favourite with its recycling otters and big cats, but its updated version more than lives up to its predecessor with an all-new storyline, LED screens and visual effects, and new animal species.

As of 30 November 2022, the new show will follow a budding ecologist and wildlife photographer as they explore the wildlife of Night Safari.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

Starring the Indian Crested Porcupine and Raccoon Dog as well as Bearded Pigs, watch these adorable critters squeeze through tree hollows and forage for food.  All animal presentations in Mandai Wildlife Group’s wildlife parks focus on highlighting the natural behaviours of animals, where the animals are rewarded with a treat when they complete the desired action – be it sorting trash, or showing off their skills. 

Creatures of the Night Show
Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

With over 1000 seats in a revamped indoor amphitheatre, the show can now go on even during rainy weather and has unique elements like water features and elevated lighting. The lush amphitheatre looks more like a natural habitat than a stage, with rocks and trees giving it a rustic feel.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

Visitors can enjoy two new exhibits along the walkway towards the amphitheatre which feature crowd favourites from current and past editions of the show. Here, you can observe animals such as Fennec Foxes and Binturongs. The hefty Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, which have since been retired from the show, will also feature in these unique naturalistic habitats.

Slot bookings can only be done online, and open two hours in advance of showtimes There’ll only be two shows daily at 7.30pm and 9pm, so book yours before slots run out. Do note that you’ll also have to be there 15 minutes in advance before the show, so come early! 

Don’t miss this visual spectacle perfect for your next family outing with the chance to get up close with wildlife in the revamped Creatures of the Night Show!

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