Daizu Cafe has new menu items like Truffle Chirashi, Spicy Mentaiko Fries & more

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Ever since I first stepped foot into Daizu Cafe, I’ve only had resounding praises for their fare, generous portions, and wood-heavy interior with floor-to-ceiling windows that keep the space brightly-lit. As with all great places, Daizu continues to innovate and adapt.

Here’s a look at their new menu items you can look forward to the next time you visit.

Truffle Umami Chirashi

Daizu Cafe chirashi

Daizu’s chirashi bowls are loved for being well-loaded, and here’s the same generous portion but elevated with truffle. The Truffle Umami Chirashi (S$24) features assorted diced sashimi marinated with their house speciality truffle umami sauce and truffle paste.

Steak & Scrambled (Brunch Item)

A special take on steak and eggs, this iteration — Steak and Scrambled (S$26) — presents pan-seared beef striploin topped with creamy mushrooms, fluffy scrambled eggs, a delicious potato salad, tobiko, and mixed greens.

Shichimi Mentaiko Fries

Daizu Cafe mentaiko fries

I’ve had Daizu Cafe’s mentaiko fries before, but these Shichimi Mentaiko Fries (S$13) is essentially an upgraded spicy version of the creamy, savoury goodness.

Cold Salmon Cream Pasta

Thick slices of salmon belly and tobiko sit atop cream-tossed spaghetti in the Cold Salmon Cream Pasta (S$22) which turned out to be a lot less cloying, or jelak, as expected.

Philly Cheesesteak (Brunch Item)

The Philly Cheesesteak Roll (S$18) is a brioche roll that’s stuffed with beef shabu, topped with fried onions, cheese sauce, and is served with fries on the side.


Daizu Cafe cremes

Long in the making, these bottles of beverages-turned-desserts feature the flavours Royal Milk Tea (S$8), Matcha Latte (S$8), Purple Potato (S$8), and Dark Chocolate (S$8). Alternatively, snag them all in a set of four (S$28) for the full cremé experience.

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