Slurp down authentic collagen broth la mian under $10 at DumPrince Dumpling House

by Trinity Sun

There are plenty of la mian places in Singapore, but what sets DumPrince Dumpling House apart from most of them is its dumpling collagen broth soup, a hot and satisfying meal perfect for a rainy day, or any occasion.

From the founders of the former ramen chain Kure Menya, DumPrince is a fresh concept serving authentic Chinese food at affordable prices, with most items under S$10. With its only outlet in Chinatown Point, DumPrince’s collagen noodles are limited, so come early to ensure you get a taste of their rich collagen broth la mian!

dumprince dumpling house
Photos: @globbylicious and @bbjiaksimi/instagram

Their signature rich collagen broth is meticulously prepared and simmered for over 8 hours, creating a rich and creamy taste. Choose from chicken dumplings, prawn dumplings or meatballs, with a choice of hand-pulled la mian or thick bee hoon, served in a steaming bowl filled with collagen goodness. 

Slurp down chewy la mian with a pair of chopsticks as you savour the flavours of juicy meatballs or ingredient-packed dumplings, paired with a runny egg to complete your meal. 

dumprince dumpling house
Photo: DumPrince Dumpling House

Other staple dishes include dry Zha Jiang (bean sauce) noodles, and Sichuan Hot & Sour Dry Noodles priced from S$6.90, with a larger portion costing S$9.70.

dumprince dumpling house
Photos: @cafehoppingkids and @worththekhalories/instagram

You can also get classic sides such as Sichuan Spicy Dumplings (S$9.30) with that extra spicy kick, or spicy black fungus salad (S$3.90), which balances out the strong flavours of your meal. Cool down with a glass of ice lemon tea or honey lemon tea at S$2, and end your meal on a refreshing note.

So if you’d love to savour some authentic collagen broth la mian and a wide variety of dishes that are sure to leave you coming back for seconds, head on down to DumPrince Dumpling House!

DumPrince Dumpling House
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???? 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #B1-47C, Singapore 059413
???? 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sun)

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