Michelin recipient Enishi makes the best Dan Dan Men in Singapore, imports ingredients from Japan

by Evan Mua
enishi singapore

Many ramen fans have gotten tired of Tonktotsu Ramens, with similar-tasting stores all around. If you’re on the lookout for unique ramen, check out Enishi’s unique Dan Dan Men and Dashi broth ramen, which have attracted their own legion of fans.

They’ve recently surged in popularity and draw long queues nowadays. Being so authentic and unique, you’d even spot many Japanese customers there regularly.

Did I mention Enishi are on the Michelin Guide in Kobe, too? And they import their ingredients from Japan too. Not many Ramen shops in Singapore can boast of that accomplishment.

enishi ramen singapore

Einishi is a hidden gem, in every sense of the word. The quaint 9-seater is tucked away on the second floor of International Plaza. Most people wouldn’t know about it unless they’re a Japanese food aficionado.

Enishi’s small cosy space is mostly taken up by an elegant wooden counter, throwing back to the classic hole-in-the-wall ramen bars in Japan. Take me back to Japan, please.

However, you gotta head down early to snag a bowl of their ramen. They only serve 100 bowls a day due to limited ingredients flown straight from Japan.

enishi ramen singapore dan dan men

So, what has been getting people all hot and bothered on instagram? It’s this majestic bowl of Dan Dan Men (S$17.90), loaded with a thick, nutty sauce and a mountain of ingredients.

There are customisable levels of spiciness, ranging from zero to extra spicy. The consensus from spice lovers is that extra spicy hits the spot just right. Enishi’s Dan Dan Men sauce is a special blend of cashews and pistachios which gave it extra decadent oomph.

Give the bowl a good mix to ensure the sauce clings properly onto those bouncy noodles, because you’d want more of that intoxicating flavour in every bite.

They also provide different varieties of vinegar at the side, like orange vinegar, in case you want some piquancy to cut through the heaviness.

enishi singapore dashi broth

Enishi’s only other item on the menu, the Dashi Ramen (S$15.90) is the polar opposite of the Dan Dan Men. Unlike the thick and rich tonkatsu broth preferred by many Singaporeans, it’s a clearer and lighter broth.

Clear or not, Enishi’s Dashi broth is surprisingly full-bodied and packs a good amount of umami. It’s clean, refreshing, and perfumed with citrus notes from the yuzu.

A small sprinkling of onions and negi added some heavier contrast. Not to mention the side of chashu was genuinely melt-in-mouth good. Overall, a very satisfying bowl that you will slurp down.

enishi maguro dashi ramen

Enishi also occasionally have some specials, like the Maguro Dashi Ramen (S$16.90) which had a sweeter base due to the tuna bones used in the broth.

So, if you’re looking for a good bowl of ramen that’s not the typical Tonkotsu broth, Enishi is your best bet. Not only are they authentic and are Michelin-affirmed, the two items on their menu are also unique finds in Singapore and definitely worth trying.

Enishi Ramen
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