Just opened: Marutama Ramen’s Bugis+ outlet is giving away free ramen

by Evan Mua
marutama ramen bugis+ free ramen

Muratama Ramen recently opened a new Bugis+ Outlet and are giving away free ramen to their diners to celebrate. If you’re a fan of ramen, don’t miss out one of Singapore’s oldest and most popular ramen brands, who have been opened for more than a decade.

Many ramen lovers swear by their signature collagen-rich broth, and this new outlet at Bugis+ is a great place to have your first experience of that rich soup.

We are having a special promotion to celebrate the Grand Opening of our Bugis+ outlet from 13 to 16 April! Simply…

Posted by Marutama Singapore まる玉 シンガポール on Thursday, 8 April 2021

Marutama Ramen is offering Bugs+ diners a bowl of free ramen, just by following them on instagram. It’s that easy — follow and inform the staff to redeem.

The free ramen promo is only available at Marutama Ramen Bugis+. It runs until 16 April 2021.

You can choose from 4 different varieties for the promo. They include Aka Ramen, Marutama Ramen, Kakuni Ramen, and Tan-men.⠀

However, do note that the additional toppings and sides are not included in their promo. The promo is also only valid while stocks last.

marutama ramen bugis+ free ramen
Photo: @pictorialfood/instagram

For those who haven’t been to Marutama Ramen, the new Bugis+ outlet opening promo is a good chance to have a taste of their popular collagen-rich chicken broth.

There’s no added MSG and its flavour comes entirely from hours of simmering.

While Tonkotsu broth is the more popular type of ramen broth locally, chicken broth is something interesting worth trying.

Photo: @pictorialfood/instagram

Consider trying their Marutama Ramen (S$14.50) if you head down to Bugis+ . Each bowl comes with a generous serving of homemade wheat flour noodles, seaweed an spring onions.

But of course the highlight is the rich, creamy, and flavourful Chicken Paitan broth. Each bowl also comes with a side of tender chashu for those who need some meatiness to their ramen.

However, if you’re one of those that needs a bit of spice in everything then go for the Aka Ramen (S$16), a mildly spiced broth for some tongue-tingling excitement.

Photo: @pictorialfood/instagram

Alternatively, look towards the Tan-men (S$14) if you’re looking for something more wholesome and nourishing.

This version comes with the same light but hearty Chicken Paitan broth, but topped with a generous heap of vegetables.

So if you’re a ramen lover, head down to Bugis+ for some Marutama Ramen. even if you’re not a ramen fanatic, head down anyways. Who doesn’t like some soupy goodness, esepcially if it’s free?

Marutama Ramen Bugis+ Free Ramen
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