Indulge in intricate artisanal Japanese desserts at Sweets Craftsman

by Evan Mua
sweets craftsman cafe

Longing for a taste of Japan after being stuck in Singapore for the past year? Sweets Craftsman is a new dessert café that offers that with artisanal Japanese desserts.

Singaporeans love Japan—upscale omakase joints were booked up three months in advance at one point.

Fortunately, Sweets Craftsman is a more affordable spot to satiate that wanderlust.

sweets craftsman cafe decor
PHOTO: @iamcasseiong/instagram

The small café is newly opened at Jalan Besar, near to other popular desserts spots such as GelatoLabo and Lucid.

Being a non-descript 4-seater, it’s mainly meant to serve as a takeaway spot.

If it’s a bit out of the way, they also have a site you can order from.

sweets craftsman fujiro
PHOTO: @sweetscraftsman/instagram

If you’ve seen photos of their food on social media, it’s most probably their Fujiros. Fujiros because the swiss rolls feature a silhouette of Mt Fuji in the cross section.

The pastry chef behind Sweets Craftsman has more than a decade of baking experience.

With experience at places like Raffles Hotel, it’s natural his creations look aboslutely stunning and intricate.

sweets craftsman tieguanyin fujiro
PHOTO: @hazeldiary_/instagram

Their signature Fujiros come in a variety of flavours but the most popular has to be their Matcha Fujiro (S$7.80).

It sports a matcha sponge cake exterior and is filled with strawberry cream and a “Fuji” that comprises of matcha and whipping cream.

Or if you’re not a matcha person, there’s a Tieguanyin Fujiro (S$7.80) for similar tea-infused flavours and a Chocolate Rasperry Fujiro (S$7.80) for those who prefer richer flavours.

sweets craftsman meringue cake
PHOTO: @kohkaikai/instagram

There are also both the Yuzu Orange Meringue Cake (S$6.80) and Summer Berries Meringue Cake (S$6.80) available as cake alternatives to the swiss rolls.

Sweets Craftsman isn’t just a cake shop either. They also have a decent selection of pastries such as Chocolate Chip Cookies (S$5.60/2pcs), Butter Croissants (S$3), and Sea Salt Brownies (S$3.50).

sweets craftsman blueberry tart
PHOTO: Sweets Craftsman/

Apart from those, they also make some extremely photogenic tarts. The most popular are the fruity varieties such as Blueberry (S$6), Strawberry (S$6).

Other than that, there’re also the chocolatey Valrhona 72% Arguani (S$6.50) and zesty Lemon Meringue (S$6.50).

I can see Sweets Craftsman becoming a popular spot for café hoppers in an area filled with hotspots. Which is great, because Singapore definitely needs more Japanese bakeries.

Sweets Craftsman
???? 11 Cavan Rd, #01-06 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209849
????️ 12pm–8pm (Thurs–Tues)

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