Chill at the chic new Found Cafe hidden in The Editor’s Market new flagship store after your tiring shopping spree

by Evan Mua
found cafe editor's market singapore

Always looking for a chill cafe to sit down and rest your legs after a tiring shopping spree? Good news for all shopaholics! Singapore’s popular homegrown fashion brand The Editor’s Market has opened a new flagship store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and there’s a chic little coffee joint called Found Cafe tucked away inside.

found cafe editor's market singapore

Yep! The Editor’s Market customers can now find a quiet little spot to rest their weary legs after spending half a day looking for that perfect dress for their upcoming dates.

Cafe Found’s vibes perfectly mimick that of The Editor’s Market as well — it is blanketed by an elegant monochrome palette that alternates most between white and grey. They also added some warm pops of colour using wooden accents and hanging wall lights, for that classy touch to complement the slow living vibes.

While we say it’s a hidden cafe, it’s actually not hard to find — it’s just situated all the way to the right side, just a stone’s throw away from the entrance.

Found Cafe’s space actually takes up a decent space and can sit a few people, plus it also hosts a wide assortment of drink options and, more importantly, pastries.

found cafe editor's market singapore

While Found Cafe has a strong focus on coffee, its sprawling pastry range is perhaps what will catch most people’s eyes. You can find a staggering 26 pastries in their display case that they bring in from popular bakehouses all over Singapore such as Nuage, Edith Patisserie, and Chu & Co.

Prices range from S$3.50 for the simplest bakes such as Cinnamon Rolls to S$9.50 for the more luxurious options such as Black Truffle Pie.

found cafe editor's market singapore

If you’re of all things citrus and cake, then you shouldn’t miss out on this extremely photogenic Lemon Loaf (S$5.50) which was all kinds of moist while being gently moist and not too sweet. Other pound cakes on display at Found Cafe include Coconut Loaf (S$5.50), Earl Grey Lavender Loaf (S$5.50), Dark Chocolate Loaf (S$5.50) and many, many more.

For something more classic, you can also dig into the intricately made French viennoiseries including Pain Au Chocolat (S$5), Croissant with Truffle Dip (S$6.50) and Brioche Feuilletee (S$7).

Say you’re hungry after trawling through The Editor’s Market’s new flagship stall and need something more substantial, Found Cafe also carries hearty savouries such as Tomato Focaccia (S$5.50), Black Garlic Sourdough (S$5.50), and Burnt Cheese Danish (S$7.50) to curb those hunger pangs.

found cafe editor's market singapore

As far as the coffee goes, it’s reasonably priced, a cup of Black costs S$4.50 both hot and cold, while a cup of White costs S$5.50 for hot and S$6.50 for cold. White drinkers would fall in love with the perfectly balanced Hot White’s blissfully soft and creamy mouthfeel.

Found Cafe sources their espresso blends from well-respected local roasters Anteroom and Homeground so you know you’re getting the fresh and good stuff. To stop things from turning dull, they’re also planning on rotating their coffee selection in the future!

If you’re heading to shop at The Editor’s Market this weekend, maybe consider going down to their new flagship and pay Found Cafe a visit — especially if you’re a Matcha fan.

You can enjoy 10% off a Matcha set that consists of a Matcha Layered Cake (S$8) and your choice of Matcha Latte (S$6/hot, S$7/cold) or Matcha Sparkling (S$7). Definitely a welcome indulgence for those who love the green stuff that matcha, so head down by 31 Oct 2021 for this opening special!

Found Cafe
???? 391 Orchard Rd, #B1-16 to 24 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872
????10am–9:30pm (Daily)

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