GoodLobang x llaollao Challenge (Part 1)

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llaollao challenged us to 1,000 likes on their Instagram post. No problem.

llaollao challenged GoodLobang

1,000 likes? Not a problem.

As part of GoodLobang’s mission to bring more exclusive deals to our Telegram channel subscribers, llaollao was the next brand we had in mind. We wanted to bring a deal exclusively between GoodLobang and llaollao, to let our subscribers enjoy a refreshing cup of frozen yoghurt during the hot Singapore days.

However, it wasn’t going to be so easy. llaollao posed a challenge to GoodLobang to gather more than 1,000 likes on their Instagram post within 6 hours in order to attain the exclusive deal.

Guess what? With the support of GoodLobang’s Telegram subscribers, we did it in under an hour.

We unlocked the GoodLobang

With the help of the GoodLobang community, we unlocked the exclusive deal. As a result, our subscribers were entitled to a 1-for-1 promotion for llaollao’s medium tubs. All that was required to redeem the deal was to show that they were a GoodLobang subscriber!

Another GoodLobang secured

It was all smiles that day for our subscribers

The turnout for the GoodLobang x llaollao deal was extraordinary. There was an endless flow of GoodLobang subscribers that left smiling from ear to ear as they got to enjoy this exclusive deal. We promised to deliver more epic lobangs to our subscribers, and we delivered.

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