Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. is a charming pizzeria serving Neo-Neapolitan sourdough pizzas topped with mala, kimchi & more

by Christabel Tan

Although I tend to crave for comfort food like Korean fried chicken, ramen, and steak, there are times when only pizza will do.

And if it’s artisanal sourdough pizza you’re craving for, a visit to Gusta Sourdough Pizza in Serangoon may just do the trick.

gusta sourdough pizza
Photo: @the_xw/instagram

Located a short 6 minute walk from NEX is the intimate and charming industrial-chic pizzeria, where handcrafted sourdough pizzas are the stars of the show.


The pizzeria takes a traditional Italian route, but with a fresh, modern twist. Instead of the traditional pizza bases that are made using active dry yeast, the dough here is freshly prepared daily using a unique blend of Italian and Japanese flours, and slow-fermented for at least 30 hours with sourdough starter.

Each base is topped and baked in a 450°C Italian pizza oven for just 90 seconds, resulting in a chewy Neo-Napolitano style pizza with a crisp crust and intense depth of flavour.

gusta sourdough pizza
Photos: Jenna (thejulietmike)/google images

The pizza menu is divided into three categories, Classic, Premium, and Vegan, with some truly unique flavours you may or may not have tried before.

Indulge in the Swiss-inspired Raclette Cheese & Potato (S$26.50), or spice things up with the Mala Chicken (S$24.50), a not-too-spicy concoction of chicken, mozzarella, chilli oil, mala cream sauce, and a kale garnish.

Photo: @juliuslim/instagram

But of course, if you prefer to play it safe, the traditional Margherita (S$20.50) or Calabrese Salami (S$22.50), which comes with the option of adding garlic maple syrup for S$2.50, will more than suffice.

There’s even a Hawaiian (S$23.50) for those who believe in the controversial “pineapple goes on pizza” school of thought.

Out of all the vegan pizzas, the Kimchi (S$24.50), with its array of toppings like vegan mozzarella, vegan kimchi, gochujang sauce, buna shimeiji & oyster mushrooms, roasted seaweed, and toasted sesame, will take you on a flavour-packed trip to Funkytown.

gusta sourdough pizza
Photos: Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.

What’s a good pizza without a couple of sides? Chow down on Chicken Wings (S$9.50), marinated in the in-house rosemary paprika mix and oven-roasted till juicy, or the Stracciatella & Vine Tomatoes (S$18.50), a classically Italian combi of burrata cheese, vine tomatoes, and basil (both the herb and the oil).

One particularly enticing option is the Roast Beef (S$16.50) — slices of luscious Australian wagyu beef dressed with chimichurri sauce and horseradish mayonnaise.

Photos: Jenna (thejulietmike)/google images, Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.

Be it date night with your boo or a celebratory family dinner, there’s no better time to indulge in some seriously good sourdough pizza in the heart of Serangoon!

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 326 Serangoon Ave 3, #01-378, Singapore 550326
???? 4.30pm–9.30pm (Daily)

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