You can now indulge in hotpot and high tea at Haidilao 313@Somerset with unlimited desserts, pastries & even a chocolate fountain

by Christabel Tan

If you’re a regular at Haidilao Singapore, you’re probably very familliar with the free-flow condiments, snacks, and desserts, along with the many hacks and DIY concoctions.

haidilao high tea
Photo: 海底捞 Haidilao Hot Pot @313

We were all very excited to hear about the DIY shaved ice dessert bar at the Bugis+ outlet (which you may have already conquered), and it only gets sweeter from here.

Photo: @haidilaosingapore/instagram

If you always find yourself craving something sweet after a hearty hotpot meal, you might want to head on down to at Haidilao 313@Somerset for “high tea”.

Photo: @haidilaosingapore/instagram

That’s right — this outlet in town has launched an exclusive high tea station serving up unlimited sweets and desserts (no, not the usual offerings like like sea coconut and beancurd).

haidilao high tea
Photo: @haidilaosingapore/instagram

Feast your eyes (and sweet tooth) on the assortment of colourful eclairs and cream puffs, pâte à choux (choux pastry), cakes, and tarts — pretty much what you can find at high tea, with the exception of scones.

Photo: @haidilaosingapore/instagram

There’s even a chocolate fountain with marshmallow skewers for dipping, which can also be enjoyed with the fresh fruits from the appetiser station. Just be sure to check with the staff before doing anything too creative.

haidilao high tea
Photo: @haidilaosingapore/instagram

This high tea station is only available on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) from 1pm–5pm, so you won’t be able to indulge at dinnertime. Also, do note that it comes inclusive of the S$4 per person condiment charge, so there’s no need to fork out an extra fee.

Photo: Hungry Heart/google images

Better visit on an empty stomach if you’re keen on enjoying both hot pot and high tea at Haidilao!

Haidilao High Tea
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 313 Orchard Rd, #04-23 / 24, 313@somerset Singapore 238895
???? 1pm—5pm (Mon to Fri)

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