This Haidilao outlet in Johor Bahru has a milk tea counter with flavours such as cheese peach tea & oolong tea with whipped cream from only S$3.50

by June Ngooi

Haidilao still remains as one of the most beloved hotpot places to go for a meal or even for supper, so much so that comprehensive guides have been made for how you can maximise your hotpot experience.

Fans of Haidilao would be familiar with how the restaurant just loves to shake things up with exciting new launches

haidilao jb milk tea
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While Singapore has its DIY dessert bar at the Bugis+ outlet, did you know that the Haidilao in Johor Bahru’s Sutera Mall now has a tea kiosk that serves its own milk tea range!

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Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. After all, milk tea and hotpot go so well together. 

This exclusive Haidilao JB milk tea counter serves only a limited range of flavours for now, but there will definitely be more flavours added to the menu in the future!

haidilao jb milk tea
Photo: @haidilaohotpot_malaysia/instagram

Currently, the flavours are Oolong Tea with Whipped Cream at (S$4.30, RM15), Peach Tea with Whipped Cream (S$4.30, RM15), Cheese Oolong Tea (S$3.50, RM12), and Cheese Peach Tea (S$4.30, RM15).

Haidilao JB is not the first one to come up with this idea however. 

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The first to start it was of course the OG Haidilao in China. Even during the period of the pandemic, they came up with the idea of self-service milk tea for consumers to help themselves to during their meal. 

haidilao jb milk tea
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This was an instant hit, propelling Haidilao to launch this DIY milk tea in various outlets across the country. The demand for milk tea is absolutely criminal and the crowds definitely ate it up so to hear that it has finally come to somewhere close like Malaysia is exciting!

Photo: Haidilao Malaysia/facebook

As of now, it hasn’t come to Haidilao Singapore outlets yet but given how much people love milk tea here, I’m sure it will be our turn soon.

Are you just as excited for Haidilao JB milk tea?

海底捞 Haidilao Hot Pot @ Sutera Mall
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