Haute and Cauld serves Taiwan Ice Cream Popiah until 2am daily

by Evan Mua
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Nowadays you can find unique gelato flavours everywhere — from Muah Chee to even Mala. However, pairing-wise, we’re usually stuck with waffles and cones. But Haute and Cauld are thinking out of the box with a special item, an Ice Cream “Popiah”.

No, it’s not literally a marriage of the two dishes and actually a classic Taiwanese street snack. A savoury Popiah skin is wrapped over some ice cream and a sprinkle of nuts gives it even more texture.

Ice cream Popiah is something quite hard to find in Singapore, and it’s part of Haute and Cauld’s travel series which brings a piece of Taiwan to travel-starved Singaporeans.

Haute and Cauld is the perfect place to carry this item, open late til 2am. Just finished a Taiwanese drama late at night and missing Taiwan? You can grab down there to curb your wanderlust pangs.

We know these pandemic times are tough but hang in there, the travel bubble will come!

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Photo: Haute and Cauld

For now, you can indulge in their cool creation, sold at S$6.99. They stuff three ample scoops of their gelato — your choice— into the Popiah skin along with a side of crushed nuts and Nutella sauce. Oooh boy.

Some might also note that there is an optional choice of coriander, the arch nemesis of many Singaporeans, which is traditionally a part of the snack. No worries though, Haute and Cauld made it optional — thank god.

For the ice cream choices, each scoop of premium flavour gelato comes with a top-up of S$0.40 — total surcharge is only S$1 if you feeling fancy and get premium for all three.

haute and cauld gelato
Photo: @ashleyoms/instagram

However, if you don’t want to get the ice cream Popiah, you can get the scoops ala carte at S$3.80 for a Single Scoops or S$7 for Double Scoops. Premium scoops cost S$1 more.

Flavours here are quite interesting too. Standard flavours include Creme Brûlée and New York Cheesecake, while Premium flavours include Yubari Rock Melon.

You can also have your ice cream the traditional way — with Waffles (S$7.90). But even the waffles at Haute and Cauld aren’t your standard type and come in buttermilk, red velvet, and charcoal. A Waffle Set with 1 Scoops comes at S$10.90 and 2 Scoops at S$13.90.

Travelling may be out of reach but Haute and Cauld is feeding us flavours from other countries, starting from Taiwan. A sweet sneak peek of life after COVID when we can finally go back to our globetrotting itineraries.

Haute and Cauld
???? 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3179, Singapore 470740
????️ 2pm–2am (Mon, Wed–Fri), 6pm–2am (Tues), 12pm–2am (Sat–Sun)

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