You can find taro tarts generously filled with thick taro paste at this Hongkong-inspired cafe

by Kaye Yeo

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this incredibly thicc taro tart on my lunch break. I was just planning to pick up some croissants from the Tiong Bahru Bakery that recently opened at The Centrepoint, but Honolulu Cafe had other plans for me.

taro tart honolulu cafe
Photo: Confirm Good

Honolulu Cafe released their new line of taro tarts this September 2023, including the very generously filled Crispy Taro Tart (S$3.90), a fragrant Crispy Taro Egg Tart (S$3.90), and a fluffy Taro Bun (S$3). Naturally, I snagged all three of them so my friends could get a taste.

Here’s what the Crispy Taro Tart looks like on the inside. 

Photo: Confirm Good

I can already imagine the taro lovers beyond the screen losing their minds; it is filled with nothing but pure, milky taro paste! But do heat it up before enjoying — the warm taro paste melts in your mouth with the buttery, flaky crust.

I loved how it was not too sweet, which allowed the fragrance of the taro to stand out, though my colleague with more of a sweet tooth would’ve preferred otherwise.

My only gripe was that it felt kinda one-dimensional, especially since it is such a hefty tart and I did get a little bored of just chewing through taro paste and nothing else. 

taro tart honolulu cafe
Photo: Confirm Good

That being said, I would definitely get it again — “taro overdose” is not a phrase that exists in my dictionary.

Moving on to the Crispy Taro Egg Tart, it offered the best of both worlds with a combination of egg custard and taro flavours rolled into one. The aroma of the creamy taro paste blended unexpectedly well with the custard, but I would have preferred if there was more taro as its flavour was slightly muted due to the stronger taste of the egg custard.

Photo: Confirm Good

At first glance, the Taro Bun looks underwhelming — but that’s just because you’ve been spoiled by the lavish amounts of taro paste in the Crispy Taro Tart. I was pleasantly surprised to find that every bite had equal amounts of bread and taro paste to it. 

Pretty enjoyable, though nothing to shout about. If you’re looking for a true taro experience, the Taro Tart would be the better choice.

taro tart honolulu cafe
Photo: Confirm Good

I’ll be revisiting Honolulu Cafe for their taro tarts on my next break, what about you?

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Photos by Kaye Yeo

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