House of Samosas is a snack bar serving samosas in unique flavours like black pepper burger, key lime pie & more

by Christabel Tan

When it comes to the wondrous world of filled and fried pastries, samosas are way up there.

Though these flaky, triangular pastries are commonly filled with spiced potatoes, onions, and peas, House of Samosas, a cosy and unassuming snack bar situated along MacPherson Road, has completely reinvented the samosa game.

house of samosas
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House of Samosas brands itself as an “authentic samosa boutique“, featuring homely recipes inspired by the founder Thanjavur’s roots and extensive travel experiences.

The kitchen has experimented with all kinds of fusion flavours — from savoury to sweet — but no matter your taste, there’s bound to be something on the menu for everyone.

Photo: @houseofsamosas/instagram

Sure enough, there are over 20 flavours of samosas to choose from, ranging from the classic Curried Mutton (S$2.50) and Mattar Paneer (S$2.50) to the more unconventional Black Pepper Burger (S$3.50), Quiche (S$2.80), and Grilled Cheese (S$2.50).

You can’t leave without ordering the bestselling Butter Chicken Samosas (S$2.80), which are stuffed with a rich, saucy filling of juicy chicken pieces and mushrooms. Delish.

Photos: House of Samosas/google images

Where House of Samosas truly stands out, however, is in its selection of sweet samosas.

With flavours like Apple Crumble (S$3.10), Key Lime Pie (S$3.30), Durian (S$4.30), and French Silk Pie (S$3.30), it’s hard not to see samosas as both dessert and a snack.

Photo: House of Samosas/facebook

Pair your samosas with an assortment of dips (chutney), including the sweet and creamy Vanilla Custard Dip (S$2.50) that would pair wonderfully with the apple crumble samosas, traditional Mint Dip (S$3), and of course, the signature Butter Chicken Dip (S$2.50).

house of samosas
Photo: caleb wang/google images, Prateek Mathur/google images

Don’t forget to wash down your samosas with a freshly brewed Masala Chai (S$2.50 per cup), that’s served in an authentic clay mug.

We didn’t mean to catch fillings today, but with these samosas around, it’s hard not to.

House of Samosas
Facebook | Instagram | Website
????  470 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368188
???? 11am–6pm (Sat to Thu), 11am–1pm, 2pm–6pm (Fri), Closed on Mon

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