Ichiba Station is one of the newest night markets in Bangkok that will make you feel like you’re in Japan

ichiba station

With the Singapore dollar at an all-time high against the Thai Baht at S$1 to 25.04 Baht, there’s no better time than now to travel to the Land of Smiles and indulge in all our favourite things to do in Thailand from the food to the shopping. (Hello Ichiba Station!)

ichiba station

Especially with new attractions popping up everywhere like Won Dae Song, Great&Grand Sweet Destination, and now this new night market – it’s finally time to get reacquainted with Bangkok and explore all that she has to offer post-covid.

Photos: @tb.cin/instagram, Ichiba Station

First up, make your way to one of the newest night markets in Bangkok.

ichiba station
Photos: @pattra_kratae/instagram, @ppraipnp/instagram

This is a Japanese-themed market where you’ll be able to take photos amidst the picturesque backdrops. 

Photos: @je_joy_ween/instagram, Ichiba Station

From cherry blossom trees to old-timey wood stalls that look like they came right out of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away

ichiba station
Photos: @ppraipnp/instagram, @pattra_kratae/instagram

You’ll feel almost like Chihiro wandering through the abandoned food stalls. 

Photos: Ichiba Station

Not forgetting the iconic Japanese vending machines, a small recreation of the famous Shibuya Crossing, and even a traditional Japanese torii (traditional Japanese gate) if you can spot it!

ichiba station
Photos: Ichiba Station, @navamcyang/instagram

Once you’re done exploring all the nooks and crannies at the night market, check out the food available!

Photos: @natthawatjo/instagram, @m.prang3yod/instagram

From Japanese food to the standard Thai night market fare, it’s easy to load up on all the delicious bites around.

ichiba station
Photos: Ichiba Station

(You’ll also find Thai BBQ for S$7.95 / 199 Baht!)

Photos: @ladyonzen/instagram, @cynthiamyo_/instagram

Don’t forget to indulge in a little dessert too, with plenty of options from bubble tea to egglet crepe ice-cream.

ichiba station
Photos: Ichiba Station, @kridsanasung/instagram

There are also little stalls around selling goods from toys to T-shirts, bags and accessories if you’re keen to do some shopping.

Photos: @paralingz/instagram, @sasitramil/instagram

PS: This night market is approximately 40-minutes from central Pratunam area, similar to the distance travelled from central Bangkok to Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin!

Ichiba Station
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