Get hand-drawn caricature strips from S$10 at this unique live drawing photobooth pop-up by Jelly Caricature

by Christabel Tan

We’ve seen a sudden resurgence in the popularity of photobooths and self-photo studios as of late — not that we’re complaining (can’t say no to more Korean-inspired photobooths, can we?).

But if you’re seeking something that takes it up a notch, Jelly Caricature, the art collective specialising in manga-inspired caricatures (all hand-drawn on the spot!), has rolled out an exciting new photobooth concept, Jelly Podtraits.

jelly podtraits
Photo: @jellycaricature/instagram

You may have spotted the team at malls and pop-up events like Artbox and Makers’ Market, or at least seen their caricatures all over social media.

First launched at the popular Hammock Market at Aperia Mall, Jelly Podtraits is a one-of-a-kind “photobooth” that dispenses adorable photo strips (called podtraits) with adorable hand-drawn caricatures. Obviously, there are no cameras involved, given that this is not your traditional photobooth.

Photo: @jellycaricature/instagram

However, it functions a lot like an actual photobooth as you’ll need to insert “Jelly coins” into the coin slot, pose comfortably in front of the mirror for a few minutes, and wait for your hand-drawn podtrait to be dispensed.

Screencap from @jellycaricature/instagram

Each podtrait is priced at S$10 for one face and S$15 for two faces, but do note that the artists can only draw a maximum of two faces due to the limited amount of space on the strip.

Screencap from @jellycaricature/instagram

So if you’ve been wanting to capture a special moment of you and your bestie (or boo) without hitting up the usual self-photo studios, head on down to Hammock Market at Aperia Mall on 8 July from 11am–6pm for a turn (or two) at this novel photobooth!

jelly podtraits
Screencap from @jellycaricature/instagram

If you are unable to make it on 8 July, don’t fret, for you can definitely look forward to more pop-up dates and locations via Jelly Caricature’s Instagram — we hear that a unique manga version of Jelly Podtraits will be available at the upcoming Anime Festival Asia (AFA).

Jelly Podtraits pop-up
????12 Kallang Ave, Aperia Mall L1 Atrium, Singapore 339511
???? 11am–6pm (Daily)
????️ 8 Jul 2023

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