This pop-up food bazaar in Johor Bahru has over 100 F&B stalls with birria tacos, tom yum skewers, baklava & more till this weekend only

by Jermina

Will you ever get tired of reading about food bazaars in JB

I know that I won’t. 

From the lively crowd and cheery atmosphere to the extremely pocket-friendly street grub and drinks, there is much to explore (and eat)

Here’s another bazaar to save if you find yourself wanting to try something different besides your usual food haunt. 

Jom Makan
Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

Jom Makan by Food Republik is a pop-up food bazaar that will take place from now till 26 May 2024 at Skudai, just a 30 minutes drive away from the checkpoint. 

Although it can take a little longer to get there, I promise it will be worth it as there are over 100 F&B vendors to satisfy all your cravings. 

You can expect to find a range of local street fare and international cuisines from Thailand, Mexican, and even Belgium.

Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

Food-wise, there are crowd favourites like nasi ayam, kambing bakar BBQ (roasted lamb), and laksa sarang burung. 

Unlike the Singaporean laksa which is more lemak because of the coconut milk, the Malaysian laksa has a slightly different preparation. It features a nest-shaped fried egg on a bed of crispy vermicelli noodles in a tangy and sour broth. 

Jom Makan
Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

It seems like we can’t get enough of Turkish street fare as there is sure to be at least one kebab stall at every bazaar (not that I’m complaining)

Cheesy, saucy, and ohso tender, the smoky and chargrilled lamb stuffed with cheese seems almost too hard to resist.

Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

Too hungry to wait? 

Bring on the heat with the Thai-style meat skewers simmered in spicy tom yum broth. Simply pick and choose from the wide array of meat and seafood skewers like prawns, meatballs, fishcake, and sausages. 

Jom Makan
Photo: @jiwakentang_/instagram

Or get the loaded fries that come in various flavours like tomato pasta, smoked BBQ, Korean spicy, nacho cheese. 

Otherwise, you can always mix and match it to get more variety for those who are planning to share.

Photo: @tuanomar2023/instagram

Here’s something that you don’t see at a bazaar everyday — you can get Greek desserts including baklava and basbousa. 

The latter boasts a syrup-soaked semolina cake that’s incredibly moist and tender (a super indulgent sweet treat)

They also have a “bird nest” version of the baklava which is doused in sugary syrup and filled with various kinds of chocolate and crunchy almonds.  

Jom Makan
Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

Besides that, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts including kunafa, crombolini AKA circular croissants, tanghulu, stuffed donuts, and so much more. 

Photo: @foodrepublik.official/instagram

All that walking around under the sun must be tiring so don’t forget to stay hydrated. 

Get the mango dragon float with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream or the extremely colourful, fruity yoghurt drinks. 

Photo: @bukobaqang.klselangor/instagram

But, if you’re coming in a group, go for the “bucket drink” instead. Choose from sweet corn, pandan coconut, honeydew melon, or mixed fruit that comes with fresh fruits and jelly as a cooling refresher.  

With so many interesting foods to choose from, we’re practically spoiled for choice.

Will you be heading down to Jom Makan in JB this weekend? 

Jom Makan @ Food Republik 
📍 Lotus Mutiara Rini Skudai, 81380 Skudai, Johor Bahru 
🕐 11am–11pm (Daily)
📆 Now to 26 May 2024 

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