This late-night Vietnamese restaurant has a buffet spread with over 300 dishes including fresh seafood, beef tripe, classic pho & so much more from S$49.90

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Truth be told, it is a rare gem to find authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore. 

Sure, we have the occasional hidden banh mi kiosks like Ba Buong Banh Mi or Miss Saigon, and not forgetting the Halal-certified restaurant, Eminami Halal Vietnam

That being said, have you ever had an affordable Vietnamese buffet without breaking the bank?

An La Ghien
Photo: An La Ghien – Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine/facebook

An La Ghien, located opposite Kallang MRT, has a buffet starting from just S$49.90++ per pax from 11am–11pm everyday.

Photo: @wan2wan2_1107/instagram

With the exception of oysters, Australian beef and beer, this buffet boasts over three hundred dishes to choose from.

From BBQ and hotpot to fresh seafood, Vietnamese mains and unique appetisers, we’re practically spoiled for choice!

Photo: @nihao_alt/instagram

Start off your feasting with appetisers like Fresh Rice Paper Roll with Prawns, Marinated Pork and Vegetables, Fried Frog Legs and Marinated Pork Balls.

Asides that, they have Vietnamese Kimchi which comprises fermented mustard greens with a tangy and refreshing flavour — something you can’t normally get elsewhere. 

It’ll make for a great appetiser, especially with how meat-forward the rest of your meal is going to be.

An La Ghien
Photo: @nihao_alt/instagram

You’re in for a treat at the BBQ and hotpot section as they have beef, pickled fish, and my personal favourite, tom yum soup base to cook your ingredients in. 

Of course, you can feast on the cult favourites like pork slices, marinated pork belly slices and enoki mushrooms wrapped in pork belly are all up for grabs. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, they even have innards like beef tripe, frog legs and chicken heart skewers. 


We can’t forget about the fresh seafood which is a must in every BBQ and hotpot.

This is every seafood lover’s haven as An La Ghien has prawns, cockles, whole scallops, lala, baby octopus and a whole assortment of snails — yes, snails.

Photo: @nihao_alt/instagram

Nothing beats having carbs like rice or noodles to pair alongside your hotpot. Get the Beef Pho Noodles or Marinated Pork Belly Claypot Rice

Switch things up with the signature Vietnamese Egg Fried Rice comprising fish sauce and mild spices, bursting with umami goodness. 

Photo: @devypribadi/instagram

Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a good ol’ Banh Mi stuffed with crisp roasted pork or Vietnamese egg.


If you can’t wait long enough for the seafood to cook in the hotpot (like myself), you can always order the Chilli Marinated Octopus or BBQ Prawns heavily seasoned with chilli salt. 

However, if I’m being honest, I’m more interested in the massive Shells Platter comprising a plethora of shellfish like cockles with garlic, tiger clams, white clams, sea snails and so much more.

An La Ghien

With such a huge variety to choose from at the buffet, An La Ghien is sure to satisfy all your Vietnamese cravings. However, since there isn’t a specific date for when the buffet promo will end, I would suggest you hurry down right now!

And yes, everything from the BBQ and hotpot to the pho bowls and seafood platter is only S$49.90++ so you can really feast to your heart’s content. 

Best yet, it’s ongoing from 11am–11pm everyday — supper anyone?

Are you in the mood for some Vietnamese grub?

An La Ghien
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍4 Jalan Ayer Singapore 389142
🕐 Open 24 hours (Daily)

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