Lady M has a new Spring Afternoon Tea Set with free champagne and Dior perfume

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People from other countries around the world get to experience and enjoy all four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter, while in Singapore, we pretty much only have either sweaty and hot or cool and rainy days. Despite our lack of the four seasons, here’s one delicious way we can enjoy spring in Singapore at Lady M with their Spring Afternoon Tea Set.

Lady M
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Only available at Lady M’s unique rose gold-hued Champagne Bar at ION Orchard, make it a date with your bb or friends you’ve been wanting to meet up with. Toast to a better year after the disaster that was 2020 (and maybe 2021), and other happy things with your free glass of Champagne Bruno Paillard, or sip on free-flow tea of your choice.

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The Spring Afternoon Tea Set (S$60 per person) comes with a two-tier set filled with seasonal specials, sweet treats and savoury delights including mini Sakura Berry Mille Crêpes, Truffle Cream Crab Tartlet, Pink Choux, Tarte Au Citron, Mushroom Duxelle Vol au Vents and more. 

Apart from the delicate desserts, classic finger sandwiches and free champagne, you will also receive a complimentary Dior perfume (La Collection Privee Christian Dior Sakura Fragrance Vial), that will leave you smelling as fresh as spring to complete your lovely little springtime experience.

Lady M
Photos: @LadyMSingapore/facebook, @ladymsg/instagram

Alternatively, if you’re more interested in trying the limited time Sakura Berry Mille Crêpe (available till 30 April), head down to any of Lady M’s five outlets in Singapore to order a slice or the whole cake.

Imagine biting into soft layers of crêpes and melty strawberry-infused pastry cream finished with a pink Sakura-flavoured white chocolate ganache and dehydrated strawberries. Here’s that sweet treat and/or afternoon tea you should definitely try before it’s no longer available.

Photos: @ladymsg/instagram, @LadyMSingapore/facebook

PS: There hasn’t been an official date announced for when Lady M’s Spring Afternoon Tea Set will be removed from the menu. If you hope to experience it, do be sure to head down before 30 April as there might be a possibility that it will be unavailable at the same time as the limited time Sakura Berry Mille Crêpe.

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