This popular pop-up festival will be returing with over 100 vendors selling vintage apparel, curated digicams, jagua tattoos & so much more

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Think fast: if someone were to ask you where you’d bring your first date out to, where would it be? 

As tough as it is to find someone who’s compatible with you, it is even more difficult to come up with an interesting date idea that both of you will enjoy. 

Well, fret not, because we have just the place for you. 

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: Chavents/google image

Stretching across three full days from 31 May to 2 June 2024, Mercury Festival:Cosmos’ Meadows will be held at Chavents, just ten minutes away from Aljunied MRT

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Mercury Festival is Singapore’s largest bi-annual event for small businesses. 

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: @mercuryfestsg/instagram

This year, there will be over 100 different vendors selling all sorts of goods ranging from vintage apparel and unique handcrafted jewellery to tarot reading, digicams, and even jagua artists.

Photo: @atypicalrice/instagram

Given that most of these featured vendors started out on Instagram, this is the best time to  browse their crafts and services in person.

Photo: @dawantstoclear/instagram

It’s the perfect place to get all your thrifting done as they have tons of local clothing designers that cater to different styles. 

Think Y2K and vintage fits from foleyvintage, Japanese labels from seafoam.closet, and even curated streetwear like harley tops and cargo pants from dawantstoclear amongst others.

Photo: @jujvnsct/instagram

If you’re interested in handcrafted accessories such as bracelets and necklaces, vendors like miin.lots and jujvnsct are worth checking out for their edgy Y2K-style aesthetics.

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: @e.seis.ko/instagram

However, those who prefer a more soft girl aesthetic  and are into coquette fits can check out vendors like wormdew or e.seis.ko which weave in pastel beads and unique charms. 

I’d say if you’re still on the bracelet-making hype from the Eras Tour, it’s definitely worth paying a visit to. 

Photo: @ilpo.nails/instagram

Now that you have already gotten a selection of clothes and accessories, how about getting your nails done too?

Some of you might be familiar with ilpo.nails for their press-on nail designs including dainty 3D flowers, cottagecore, and metallic nails.

Photo: @digidazed/instagram

Hop on the digicam hype as digidazed will be there for all three days with curated digital cameras and camcorders. There will be an assortment of colours and brands so do take your time to browse through and find the perfect model that you like.

Photo: @ineffabletarot/instagram

Step out of your comfort zone and get a tarot reading from soldewintarot or ineffabletarot to gain more clarity about your life, be it work, school, or even relationship-related, it’ll be a fun and unique experience.

Photo: @an.otherenergy/instagram

Or head to an.otherenergy to browse through their selection of activated crystals which are believed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: @inkrange/instagram

As someone who has been debating on getting a tattoo for the longest time, I was delighted to discover that you can actually get temporary fine-line jagua tattoos. 

If you prefer minimalistic or smaller tattoos, inkrange does quirky designs of your pets, cartoon characters and more. Otherwise, jynk_ink does bigger freestyle pieces of various flowers like peonies and magnolias.

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: @knotsyourmama/instagram

Of course, with the number of vendors present at the Mercury Festival, you’ll find plenty of others who sell crafts such as handmade crochets, candles, paintings and illustrations, and even resin art. 

Mercury Festival: Cosmos’ Meadows
Photo: @dendend3nce/instagram

There’s so much to look forward to and it’s always heart-warming to see the public supporting local businesses (as we should)

The next time you have a date planned and don’t know where to go, check out Mercury Festival:Cosmos’ Meadows for an exciting day of retail therapy!

Mercury Festival
📍 12pm–8pm (Daily)
🕐 25 Lor 33 Geylang, Chavents, Level 4, Singapore 387985
🗓️ 31 May to 2 Jun 2024

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