This handmade noodle stall in Lavender is known for its rainbow mee hoon kueh, spicy dry ban mian and more

by Kaye Yeo

When in doubt of what to eat, a piping hot bowl of ban mian is the way to go. There’s plenty of good ban mian in Singapore, but Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles (霸婆手工面) that just opened in September 2023 sets itself apart with its rainbow mee hoon kueh that appeals to your eyes and taste buds.

Photo: 霸婆 Handmade Noodles/facebook

Tucked away in (the aptly named) Food Tyrant Coffeeshop along Tyrwhitt Road, this noodle stall offers various selections of noodles from the classic ban mian to the more rarely seen koka noodles. Their soups are also praised for its richness and range from your usual pork options to luxurious bowls like Abalone (from S$14).

Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles
Photo: @madam.tyrant/instagram

The signature dish of Madam Tyrant however, is Happy Bowl (S$6.50), a rainbow-coloured bowl of mee hoon kueh made with all natural ingredients. In your bowl of pork broth, you’ll find hand-torn pieces of chewy mee hoon kueh in a myriad of colours: green (spinach), yellow (pumpkin), purple (sweet potato) and red (beetroot).

Photo: 霸婆 Handmade Noodles/facebook

Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles prides themselves heavily on the “handmade” part — even their recipes are passed down from the owner’s grandmother, so you can expect a “taste of home” in every bowl you order!

Another secret to their popularity is their homemade chilli sauce that has many customers coming back for more. The chilli sauce takes centre stage in their Dry series, which you can try from just S$5.30. You’ll also be able to better appreciate their thick yet springy noodles in a dry bowl.

Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles
Photo: @orgasmicalmagic/instagram

If you’re willing to splurge a little more, you definitely should treat yourself to the Premium Seafood Dry Noodles (S$10.80). Just imagine the umami combination of prawns, pacific clams, minced meat and fish mixed with the fragrant chilli sauce! As for the noodle choice, fans of the store have recommended ordering Madam Tyrant’s mee hoon kueh or ban mian as it is bouncier and chewier than most stalls.

Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles
Photo: @sheeniesays/instagram

Leave some space in your stomach for their crispy fried Hakka Pork Belly (S$5), marinated in red fermented bean curd paste, or their Handmade Meatballs (S$4) that is equally flavourful. 

With the rainy season approaching, why not head down to Madam Tyrant for a comforting bowl of noodles?

Madam Tyrant Handmade Noodles 霸婆手工面 
Facebook | Instagram
???? 153 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207566
???? 11am–8pm, or until sold out (Daily)

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