This hidden Shabu Shabu buffet has all-you-can-eat beef, seafood, authentic Korean snacks, free-flow drinks & more from just S$16++

by Marcus Leong

If there’s one cuisine I love the most in the world, it would have to be Korean food. The most satisfying sound in the world has to be the sound of premium meats sizzling on a hot grill at a K-BBQ restaurant. Thanks to the power of TikTok, I’ve recently found this hidden gem in Dhoby Ghaut that offers a Shabu Shabu Lunch buffet from just S$16BRB. I need to make my reservations now. 

Oppa Sha-Shabu
Photo: @gr.id_oppa/instagram

Oppa Sha-Shabu & BBQ is located inside GR.iD mall and they offer one of (if not the) cheapest Korean shabu shabu and BBQ buffets in Singapore. But you must be wondering ‘how many Korean buffet restaurants do we need on our tiny island?’ Well, the only correct answer for that is the more the merrier. 

Photo: @gr.id_oppa/instagram

Prices for the lunchtime Shabu Shabu buffet starts from just S$16++ per person. And you get to eat all the meat your heart desires. As a self-professed meat lover, this already sounds like an amazing deal to me. 

Photo: H토깽이/google images

While you’re only paying S$16, you’ll still be getting some pretty high quality cuts of meats including US Beef Striploin, German Pork Belly and more. There’s seafood like prawns and squid, as well as a selection of green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and most importantly, ramyeon noodles. 

Oppa Sha-Shabu
Photo: @gr.id_oppa/instagram

But that’s not all! You’ll also get to feast on authentic Korean cooked food like kimbap, japchae, fried chicken and even a selection of Korean banchan (or side dishes) — it really doesn’t get any better than this. 

Photo: Vivon SG/google images

Is it really a Korean restaurant if there isn’t any BBQ meat? Feel free to go all out and whack all the K-BBQ meats you can manage. Here’s your chance to eat all the beef bulgogi, stir fried spicy squid, marinated pork belly and more! 

Screencap from @gr.id_oppa/instagram

In true Korean fashion, you have to go with the kimchi jjigae soup base for your shabu shabu — although there are other soup bases for you to choose from. Pro tip: once you add your ingredients into the kimchi jjigae, the flavours become more like army stew (budae jjigae) instead. 

Oppa Sha-Shabu
Photo: @gr.id_oppa/instagram

Oh and did we mention that the buffet also comes with free-flow fountain drinks too? But you can also order Korean beer and soju — if you’re in the mood for some booze. Talk about getting your money’s worth indeed. 

If you’re ever in town with your besties looking for something hearty yet affordable, you know where to head to!

Oppa Sha-Shabu & BBQ
Facebook | Instagram 
????1 Selegie Road, GR.iD #01-18, Singapore 188306
???? 11.30am—10pm (Daily) 

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