Piccolo Bakes is an authentic Korean bakery in Singapore selling everything from traditional snacks and adorable bakes


There’s no lack of bakeries in Singapore for sure, but when you have a hankering for some good, fluffy Korean bakes, where do you go? Like many others, I used to think that there were only two options — Paris Baguette or fly to South Korea

Then one day, I came across Piccolo Bakes, a home-based Korean bakery in Singapore highly recommended by many South Korean expats living in Singapore. 

The bakery sells a variety of Korean bakes and treats ranging from old-school pastries to innovative cakes — sometimes even a hybrid of the two.

korean bakery manju piccolo bakes
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

Think manju (a traditional baked sweet pastry) but shaped like autumn favourites like pumpkins, tangerines, corn and more. This is one of their more popular orders and to be honest, they remind me a lot of the fruits and vegetables from the plastic cooking sets I used to play with as a kid because of how shiny and perfect they look. 

korean bakery singapore
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

Thanks to the autumn theme, it’ll also probably make a very good Mid-Autumn’s festival gift to your loved ones instead of mooncakes this year. Plus, the packaging is also super aesthetically-pleasing, and there’s definitely no doubting the owner’s craftsmanship when it comes to the appearance of these baked goods. 

korean bakery singapore sweet corn cheesecake piccolo bakes
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

Many also love their Sweet Corn Cheesecake, which is literally shaped like a corn cob. It has a nice balanced flavour as the sweet taste of the corn and tangy kick of cheesecake melds really well together (apparently this tastes like ice-cream when it’s frozen!)

piccolo bakes lemon cake
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

They also have mini lemon cakes topped with cute little fried eggs that make for not only a yummy snack but also a great post on Instagram or TikTok.  

earl grey tea cakes piccolo bakes singapore korean bakery
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

If you’re not one to care much about cutesy things, the Korean bakery also sells a variety of other sweet treats like fragrant Butter Mochi, Earl Grey Tea Cakes and many more. 

butter mochi korean bakery singapore piccolo bakes
Photo: Piccolo Bakes

The bakery is very inclusive of people from all walks of life, so there are many items on their menu that are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and so on. The owner is really passionate about the nutrition in their food, so they’re more than happy to share more about the ingredients they use and other nutritional information if you send them a message. 

Now you know where to order some good bakes for your next celebration or picnic! 

Piccolo Bakes
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