Just opened: New Runes Cafe is a cosy picturesque cafe hidden away inside Biopolis

by Evan Mua

While the popular cafes used to be concentrated in more central areas such as Orchard or Tanjong Pagar, we’ve been seeing more IG-worthy new openings hidden away in unexpected places.

Runes Cafe is one of them — the newly opened cafe is located a short trek away from One North on the ground floor of a Biopolis building.

runes cafe biopolis
Photo: @doggaebi/instagram

And the decor at Runes Cafe is worth the short trek and the price of the coffee. It’s a gorgeous, roomy space with high ceilings and tall windows which let plenty of sunlight in.

It’s awash with warm tones of brown and grey, while roseate lights cast a soft rose-gold glow onto the sleek minimalist fittings and furniture.

runes cafe biopolis
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

Hints of green from sofas and hanging plants add a nice botanical touch to give the place a serene vibe, coupled with the lush greenery right outside the window.

If you’re working in the Biopolis area, Runes Cafe could be a great new spot for a relaxing afternoon coffee break.

runes cafe biopolis
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

If you’re a coffee lover, you can trust the quality of coffee here since Runes Cafe is actually run by the same folks behind specialty coffee establishments Dough Coffee and Glyph Supply Co.

You can find classic espresso-based drinks here such as your Whites (S$4/S$5), and Blacks (S$3). For the lactose intolerant, Oat Milk is available for S$0.50. Extra Espresso Shots and Ice both cost S$0.50 more as well.

In addition to that, there’s also a special promo for S$2 Lattes and S$2.50 Iced Lattes from now till 16 July 2021.

runes cafe biopolis
Photo: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

For those who aren’t big coffee fans, Runes Cafe also offers options like Matcha (S$5) and Chocolate (S$3).

Besides those, they will also be adding draft beers to their menu in the future.

In addition to the drinks menu, they also sell small bites such as Pastries, Sandwiches, and Salad for those feeling slightly peckish.

So if you’re working in the area and in need of a perk-me-up, it might be worth checking out this gorgeous new cafe. Or if you’re just a sucker for IG-worthy places like I am, add this to your list too!

For other IG-worthy new cafes located in unconventional places, check out Around’s glasshouse cafe at Tampines.

Runes Cafe
Facebook | Instagram
???? 28 Biopolis Rd, Wilmar International Limited Headquarters, Singapore 138568
????️ 8am–5:30pm (Mon–Fri)

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