12 cold brew and coffee deliveries to help you wake up in the morning

by Evan Mua

If this round of working from home has taught us something, it’s that we need caffeine. Every. Single. Day. And there’s nothing as easy as taking out ready-made coffee from the fridge to start your day — bottled coffee and cold brew delivery is a literal lifesaver.

Brewing coffee is a chore, even if it doesn’t take too much time. We much prefer to have fresh, quality coffee without working for it. I can hardly get out of bed, much less work my hands!

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Not to mention, a fridge fully stocked with bottles of caffeine really helps when you have to rush something through the night. Or maybe when you just crave something tasty and caffeinated for your afternoon breaks.

But with so many coffee choices, it’s hard to decide where to get your cold brew or bottled coffee delivered from. That’s why we picked out some popular choices to make getting your caffeine fixes even more fuss-free.

Parallel Coffee Roasters

Possibly one of the best cold brews you can find for such a wallet-friendly price. While most cold brews cost around S$6 a bottle, a bundle of 6 Black Cold Brews only sets you back by S$25 — milkier options like White and Mocha go for S$27.

cold brew delivery singapore
Photo: @rilawawa/instagram

Parallel makes their brews all in small batches too, using single-origin beans, and double filtered to ensure quality bottles of cold brew without the nasties.

Cold brew delivery options at Parallel at priced at S$5 for 2-3 working days, S$6 for next day delivery and S$8 for same-day delivery. Pick-ups are available too.

You can order here.
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???? 39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617
????️ 9am–10:30pm (Mon–Thurs), 9am–4:30pm (Fri), 10am–4:30pm (Sat)

Enchanted Cafe

Enchanted Café is a cute fairy tale themed café that’s opened 24/7. While current restrictions doesn’t allow for dine-in, they will still be bringing the experience to you round the clock.

best cold brew singapore
Photo: @thefatfam/instagram

Needless to say, you need to order their signature Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs Cold Brew Set (S$50) packed with 8 whimsical flavours that include Rose Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and Bandung.

Plus if you need a late-night caffeine boost to rush your assignments, they offer a 24/7 delivery with a minimum purchase of S$25. Delivery charges are at $5 and free for orders above $50!

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???? Multiple outlets

Maxi Coffee Bar

Good mornings start with a cup of coffee and some cereal. Maxi mixes both together in their signature Cereal Milk Cold Brew (S$8.20) for a wholesome breakfast drink, using homemade milk infused with cereal. It’ll knock you right out of your sleepy state.

If that’s not your thing, they also serve more typical drinks, including the refreshing Black (S$5.80), creamy Oatly (S$6.80). However, if you want something even more unique, try the aromatically spiced Dirty (S$8.20).

They offer islandwide delivery for a flat fee of S$9 with a minimum order of S$25. If you need your cold brew stat, same-day delivery is available for orders placed before 4pm. But they also offer self-pickups if you’re near Ann Siang Hill.

You can order here.
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???? 6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787
????️ 8:30am–4:30pm (Tue–Fri), 9am–4:30pm (Sat–Sun)

Narrative Coffee Stand

This hole-in-the-wall coffee stand at Bras Basah bases its concept on their time brewing in Melbourne cafes. The staff’s know-how and passion for coffee are apparent when you talk to them, and it’s translated into their bottled stuff too.

Photo: Narrative Coffee Stand

Some good picks are the smooth and balanced Chilled White (S$7) and — if you’re game for a unique creation — their Coffee Kombucha (S$8) for a refreshing, fizzy perk-me-up.

There is a minimum spending of S$25 to be applicable for delivery with a flat S$8 fee, though there is complimentary delivery for spending S$40 and over. Taking away is also available and they even have a drive-thru system in place.

You can order here.
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???? Blk 231 Bain St, #01-05, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
????️ 9am–4pm (Mon–Fri), 10am–5pm (Sat–Sun)


Alchemist is known for their minimalist industrial vibes which are reflected in their sleek canned Another Coffee range. These babies are espresso-based and not cold brew, so they pack more flavour while still lasting a good 7 days in the fridge.

best coffee delivery singapore

You can choose from a Bundle of 6 (S$36) or Bundle of 10 (S$60), which are a mix of a velvety White and a strong, chocolatey Mocha.

Island wide delivery is available for a flat fee of S$5 but requires a 2-day pre-order. Alternatively, you can choose to pick them up yourself from their Khong Guan outlet.

You can order here.
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???? 2 MacTaggart Road, 01-01 Khong Guan Building, Singapore 368078
????️ 8am–5pm (Daily)

Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee

A popular brand from Bali, Bootstrap’s cold brew delivery is sure to give you a throwback to lazy Bali mornings sipping on coffee at quaint cafes. What makes Boostrap so good is the shelf life — they last from 12 days to 1 month.

cold brew delivery singapore

So avoid those frequent restock orders with a Mix Pack (S$35) of 6. Not to mention, they have a unique Milk & Manuka Honey Coffee (S$39/6) for a nice floral kick.

There’s currently free islandwide delivery until 13 June on their website, using the code “CHEERUP”.

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???? Online delivery business

Old Hen Coffee

When it comes to cold brew in Singapore, Old Hen is probably the OG. Most coffee lovers would have seen classic Old Hen bottles all over social media as early as 2014. Their signature White Cold Brew (S$6.90) is rich and nutty with a nice slick texture.

odl hen cold brew
Photo: Old Hen Coffee

If you’re craving more interesting caffeine fixes, get one of the Matcha (S$7.50) and Dark Cocoa (S$6.90) options so you don’t have to get stuck with boring ol’ coffee.

Old Hen offers a special zone-based delivery service to different areas on different days, for just S$5. There’s a minimum order of S$35, which shouldn’t be hard to hit, and orders above S$55 get free delivery.

You can order here.
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???? 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218374
????️ 9:30am–6:30pm (Daily)

Atlas Coffeehouse Cafes

When it comes to popular brunch spots in Singapore, names like Atlas, Apollo, and Neptune always pop up. Under the same management, all of them sell one of the most popular cold brews in Singapore, the signature Milky Way Cold Brew (S$7.50).

atlas milk way

Besides having adorable packaging, Milk Way is also packed with a strong nuttiness and a dreamily creamy mouthfeel that will gently massage your palate. But there’s also a non-dairy The Cosmos (S$7.50) if you want something more refreshing.

They deliver islandwide on their website, but you can find them on delivery platforms too.

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???? Multiple brands

Butler Koffee

Butler Koffee has been around the local coffee scene for a long time, first starting out as a pop-up coffee cart. They only opened their physical store earlier this year, but their popular Cold Brew (S$8) is flying off their (electronic) shelves.

best cold brew singapore

Butler’s cold brew uses the same bean supplier as Atlas. So theirs is a slightly similar brew, with the same blissful creaminess but more balanced in flavour — great you aren’t a huge fan of sweeter cold brew.

Butler Koffee has islandwide delivery at a flat fee of S$10, without any minimum order. Until 13 June, they also offer free delivery for orders of 6 bottles and above. Alternatively, head down for takeaways!

You can order here.
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???? 333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #03-22, Singapore 080333
????️ 9am–5pm (Thurs-Tues)

Glyph Supply Co. / Dough Coffee

Most coffee lovers would know of Glyph Supply, a beautiful white café at Triple One Somerset. During this period Glyph has been delivering out of Dough Coffee, their popular new café at CHIJMES.

cold brew islandwide delivery
Photo: Glyph Supply Co.

One of their specialities is bottled and canned drinks such as the Cold Brew (S$7/Black, S$8/White). Tea drinkers can also go for their canned White Peach Sencha (S$9) and White Peony Kombucha (S$10).

Delivery fees are set at S$8, S$5 or free with minimum spends of S$30, S$50 and S$80 respectively. They are also open for takeaways at Dough Coffee.

You can order here.
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???? 30 Victoria St, #01-30 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
????️ 10am–6pm (Tues–Sun)

Strangers’ Reunion

Most café hoppers would be no strangers to Strangers’ Reunion and their iconic amber glass bottles. Many of us have fond memories of their comfortingly smooth White Magic (S$6.90), potently earthy Matcha (S$6.90) or the punchy Sea Salt Chocolate (S$6.90).

best cold brew singapore
Photo: Strangers’ Reunion

These iconic cold brews are now available for delivery — ready to reunite with you at home. Maybe they’re just the comforting productivity boost you need.

It’s a S$10 delivery for orders under S$30, a token S$6 flat islandwide delivery fee for orders above S$30, and free for orders above S$50. Easy to hit when you’re stocking up! You can also opt for pickups.

You can order here.
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???? 37 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169356
????️ 9am–6pm (Daily)

Fangko+ Coffee

Fangko+ Coffee is a unique local-inspired café that has a mix of Nasi Lemak and cold brew together. Kopi lovers have to check out their Melaka Latte (S$4.50/8) cold brew, using specially sourced beans from Hawaii.

best cold brew singapore

They jazz it up with some gula melaka, giving it a unique local profile somewhat nostalgic of Kopi, but way smoother and has a bold touch of toffee-like notes.

They provide islandwide delivery with a minimum order of S$30. Delivery fees are set at S$15, S$10, or free for orders below S$60, above S$60, and above S$120 respectively. But you can takeaway, or pre-order for pick-up as well.

You can order on Whatsapp at 9231 8849.
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???? 20 Hongkong St, #01-03, Singapore 059663
????️ 9am–3:30pm (Mon–Fri)

*All opening hours may change after Phase 2 and dine-ins are allowed again.

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