San.Wich has affordable halal and viral colourful sandwiches in sweet and savoury flavours like Kit Kat brownie, Nyonya curry, soy garlic chicken & more

by Marcus Leong

Sandwiches have evolved since from the classic ham and cheese, egg mayo, and tuna mayo offerings to subway subs and now loaded Japanese-inspired sandos. Joining the sandwich club is san.wich, who recently opened their first store in Lot One Shoppers’ Mall at Choa Chu Kang — bonus points for being very easily accessible. Fun fact: the sandwich shop is owned by Swee Heng bakery and it’s halal-certified.

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I’m not one who chases after viral food trends but when I saw this san.wich’s attractive sandwiches appearing all over my feed, I figured it was time to give them a go — and thankfully they didn’t disappoint. They have a wide selection of savoury and sweet sandwiches with prices ranging from S$2.80 to S$3.40 super affordable for a loaded sandwich if you ask me.

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What’s special about san.wich is their cutesy and colourful breads sporting colours like purple, green, orange, and yellow. The breads incorporate natural colouring from foods like Beetroot, Purple Sweet Potato, Tomato, and Pumpkin. If you struggle with getting your kids to eat their veggies, this is certainly one way to get them to start.

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They had all your standard sandwich offerings like Tuna and Egg mayo (S$3), Chicken Ham with Egg Mayo (S$3), and Fish Fillet with Egg (S$2.80), as well as trendy fusion flavours like Soy Garlic Chicken Cutlet & Cheese with Egg (S$3.20), Chili Crab with Egg (S$2.80), and Ebi Patty with Egg (S$3.40). You can also pick the flavour of bread to pair with your sandwich of choice.

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My favourite was the Soy Garlic Chicken Cutlet & Cheese with Egg. The chicken cutlet was thick and juicy with a crispy and crunchy skin. I also liked that the soy garlic flavour was not overpowering – it kinda tasted like a healthier version of the KFC Zinger burger.

If you’re looking for some Korean-inspired flavours, I recommend getting this over the Spicy Korean Chicken with Kimchi & Egg (S$3.20).

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Another sando that was a hit was the Nyonya Curry Chicken with Egg (S$3). I was surprised by the flavourful curry that was slightly sweet and not spicy but still super shiok. It was like a curry puff but sandwich form – not something that you would expect from a sandwich shop. 

They were also pretty generous with the curry filling and every bite gave a good balance of flavours from the curry, bread, egg and veggies. 

The Chicken Cutlet & Pumpkin with Egg (S$3) was also a surprise. The chicken was juicy, kinda similar to the chicken patty used for the soy garlic chicken cutlet. The pumpkin added a touch of sweetness to the primarily bold savoury flavours. 

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For the sweet options, I had the Kit Kat Brownie Sandwich (S$3.20) and the Assorted Fruits Sandwich (S$3.20). The Kit Kat sandwich, while dominated by mostly chocolate flavours, wasn’t overly sweet.

 The chocolate cream also helped to balance the sweetness from the actual Kit Kat – yes, the sandwich had actual Kit Kat pieces. 

I preferred the Assorted Fruits sandwich which featured a generous serving of fresh cream, peach, strawberry, and kiwi. My only gripe is that I wished that the sandwiches were a little more dense to hold the filling in place while you devour them. 

If you’re in the area looking for something to fill your tummy, you should definitely check out San.Wich. Their sandwiches are generously packed with filling and flavour. Best of all they’re affordably priced so you won’t worry about breaking the bank trying these aesthetic sandos! 

Are you ready to chow down some of these colourful sandwiches? 

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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