Just opened: Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab makes you feel like you’re on a Paris vacation & offers S$1.80 pastries

by Evan Mua

Many cafe lovers would be familiar with Fresh Fruits Lab, one of the oldest and most popular cafes in the East. After all these years of serving quality brunches, Fresh Fruits Lab decided to rebrand with a new Parisian look, as Simplicité.

The cafe’s new look is quite distinctly different from its old vibrantly coloured interior. Its undergone a drastic transformation into a chic monochrome Parisian Bistro, perfect for an afternoon rendezvous.

Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab cafe
Photo: @eatwithfelz/instagram

Walking by Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab, your eyes would be glued to the elegant black walls and sleek panelled door, which just feel exquisitely Parisian.

The array of street lamps and rattan chairs add a nice finishing touch to the realism.

Inside, you’d be greeted by white walls and white marble tables, accented with splashes of bink and botanical decals. More reminiscent of the typical minimalist cafes you’d find around Singapore.

Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

It’s not just the facade that is French though, even the menu has undergone a revamp, with Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab offering items closer to what you’d find in Parisian bistros.

You can find some pasta dishes like Angel Hair Pasta (S$10) or Crabmeat Aglio Olio (S$19), as well as meatier choices like the French Bone-in Pork Loin with Garlic Butter Herb (S$20).

Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab
Photo: Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab

One of the most eye-catching new items at Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab is their Duck Confit (S$28). A nice traditional French classic dish for those looking to sink their teeth into juicy meat and crackling skin.

Or if you want more familiar choices, Simplicité also serves the Fresh Fruit Lab classic of Cheese Da Bomb Burger (S$20).

Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab
Photo: @rainbows.and.bows/instagram

Brunch is also available until 3pm daily, which includes comfort food that you can’t go wrong with. Think Eggs Benedict (S$15), Brioche French Toast (S$15), and Smashed Avocado on Brioche with Poached Eggs (S$16).

Of course, it’s not really a Parisian experience without coffee and viennoiserie. Staying true to the frou frou vibes, they also serve up bakes, fresh from the oven, from just S$1.80.

Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab
Photo: Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab

There’s a pretty good selection at the S$1.80 price tag too — Pain Au Chocolat, Cinnamon Roll, Raspberry Claw, and more. Classic French Croissants and Baguettes both cost S$2.80. Otherwise, there’re Chocolate Dipped Croissants (S$4) and Lemon Meringue Tarts (S$6) too.

For a nice caffeine boost, they also sell Cappuccinos (S$5.5/S$6.50), Long Blacks (S$5/S$6), and a super instagrammable Iced Rose Latte (S$7.50)

If you’re looking for a brunch spot with something unique to spice it up, this new rebranded cafe might just have the je ne sasi quoi to draw you in. Or if your name is Emily, then you gotta head down for the Emily in Paris puns.

Simplicité by Fresh Fruits Lab
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???? 351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818
????️ 11am—10pm (Tue—Fri), 11am—9pm (Sat—Sun)

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