Win yourself a cute limited-edition Skippy peanut butter plushies at these claw machines that can be found in a mall near you

by Marcus Leong

Skippy peanut butter is a familiar sight to many people growing up. Recently, you might have seen the brand making waves all over your TikTok feed, in a good way of course. That’s because the brand is celebrating their 90th anniversary. Now the bigger question is: are you team creamy or team crunchy peanut butter

Skippy Singapore
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In line with their 90th anniversary, Skippy Singapore has been giving away free limited edition Skippy caps with every 1kg peanut butter spread purchased either from your local supermarkets or online at Redmart. 

The caps come in a brown or off-white colourway, embossed with either iconic Skippy logo or the peanut butter at the front. Honestly, the cap is really cute — so cute that I ended up getting both (now what am I gonna do with 2kg of peanut butter?) 

Photo: Confirm Good

Skippy’s most recent line of merch takes cuteness to the next level — think soft and cuddly plush versions of your favourite peanut butter spread. That’s right, Skippy Singapore is giving away limited edition peanut butter plushies, But, there is a catch. Don’t worry, no peanut butter is involved. 

Skippy Singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

You’ll actually need to catch them yourselves at one of the Fun Claw claw machines. There are a total of 15 claw machines located islandwide in some of your favourite malls like Causeway Point, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Plaza Singapura, and more. 

Photo: Confirm Good

If you’ve ever had a go at claw machines, you would know that they are anything but easy — so load up on the tokens if you wanna score yourself one of these plushies. Each go at the machine costs just one token (S$1) and depending on your skills, you might just be able to score one on your first try, otherwise you’ll probably be spending a little bit more at these machines. 

The plushies come in four different designs, each representing Skippy’s signature flavours — Chunky, Creamy, Chocolate Stripe, and Grape Stripe peanut butter.  

Skippy Singapore
Photo: Confirm Good

That’s not all. To the pros who successfully manage to get their hands on one (or all) of Skippy’s cute merch, make sure to post a photo or video of yourself with your plushies as Skippy is currently having a social media contest with attractive prizes to be won. This includes a one-year supply of peanut butter, Superpark tickets, and 188 Fun Claw tokens. The contest ends on 24 September 2023, and you can check out Skippy’s social media for more details. 

Do you have what it takes to beat the claw machine? Show your love for Skippy and collect all the plushies now! 

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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