Popular Onigiri store from Taiwan opens first Singapore store with unique flavours like peanut butter katsu, grilled scallop mentaiko & more

by Marcus Leong

You might be familiar with the regular onigiri — the rice ball snack that originates from Okinawa, Japan. The traditional ones you commonly find at convenience stores typically come with fillings like crab meat, tuna, salmon, and even spam, but Onigiri Planet is about to change the game with their hefty and unique onigiri offering. 

Think chicken and peanut butter, scallops, kimchi and more! 

Onigiri Planet
Photo: Confirm Good

Located in Hillion Mall, the store originally hails from Taiwan and their outlet in Bukit Panjang is the brand’s first overseas outlet. Onigiri Planet is known for their more creative take on the regular onigiri — in a good way, of course. 

Photo: Confirm Good

For starters, the Peanut Butter Katsu (S$6.90) is a unique combination of sweet meets savoury snack. Sandwiched between nori and rice is a thick and golden brown fried chicken katsu patty, spam and an egg. The chicken katsu is slathered with a sweet and creamy peanut butter. Indeed, fried chicken and peanut butter is not your usual pairing. 

But somehow, the savouriness and crunchiness of the katsu chicken paired really well with the creamy peanut butter. The blend of flavours grows on you and I would definitely order this again. 

Onigiri Planet
Photo: Confirm Good

Another unique offering here is the Grilled Mentaiko Scallops (S$6.90). It features two chewy and smokey imitation scallops deep-fried to a golden brown. It’s paired with an umami and creamy mentaiko mayo with a slight tang to it which helps to elevate the flavours of the scallop and spam. I only wished they added a tad bit more sauce. 

Photo: Confirm Good

I also had the Truffle Mushroom (S$6.90) which sadly fell a little flat for me — no pun intended. The truffle mushroom flavours were kinda muted in this one, so truffle lovers might wanna give this one a miss. What’s interesting is the filling had a mix of different mushrooms like shimeiji and portobello. On the bright side is, you still get the savouriness from the spam and the egg to balance out the creamy truffle mayo. 

Onigiri Planet
Photo: @onigiriplanet.sg/instagram

Other unique flavours on the menu include Kimchi Chicken (S$6.90), Ebi Tempura (S$6.90), TarTar Fish (S$6.90) and more. You can even add on sides and drinks to make it a full meal — although, these hefty onigiri are pretty filling on their own too. 

Are you looking to try some unique onigiri? Onigiri Planet might have what you’re looking for!

Onigiri Planet 
Instagram | Website 
???? 17 Petir Road, Hillion Mall #B2-36, Singapore 678278
???? 11am—10pm (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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