Sweet Reservations is a hidden spot in Sengkang for affordable bingsu from S$6.90 with DIY options and flavours like earl grey BBT, apple crumble & milo

by Christabel Tan

One spot the residents of Sengkang visit whenever they’re seeking a sweet treat is Sweet Reservations.

Tucked away in Rivervale Plaza, this relatively hidden dessert joint has tons of online reviewers calling it their “favourite bingsu place in Singapore”.

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Sure enough, despite offering an assortment of desserts like ice cream on waffles and thick toast, it’s the bingsu everyone raves about. There are tons of fun flavours to choose off the menu, with prices starting from S$6.90 and S$11.20 for a small and large bingsu respectively.

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You won’t go wrong with the bestselling Miki Oreo (from S$7.20), topped with oreo crumbs, oreo biscuits, and vanilla ice cream, as well as the classic Injeolmi (S$7.50), Watermelon (S$7.80), and Mango (from S$7.50) bingsu.

sweet reservations
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There are also a couple of flavours that may just make you feel a tad nostalgic. For instance, the Bubble Gum (from S$7.60), topped with fruity loops, marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and cotton candy ice cream, is guaranteed to be a hit with the young (and young at heart).

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If you’re the sort who used to down Milo Dinosaurs as a kid, why not recreate those good ol’ days with the Milo Bites (from S$7.40), which is served with milo powder, milo “crunchies” (AKA cereal), and chocolate ice cream?

sweet reservations
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Other flavours we can totally see being a hit with the crowds are the Earl Grey BBT (from S$7.50), Apple Crumble (from S$7.90), and MSW Durian (from S$9.90).

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Feeling creative? Try your hand at the DIY Bingsu (S$8.90 for small, S$13.90 for large), inclusive of three or five toppings and a scoop of ice cream of your choice. Choose from an extensive array of toppings like oreo crumbs, injeolmi mochi, milo balls, lychee boba, waffle bits, and so much more.

sweet reservations
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You can also order ice cream on its own, as an Ice Cream Float (S$5.50), or paired with Waffles — we’re talking flavours like Red Velvet (S$7.20), Pandan (S$6.80), and even Mocha (S$7.10)!

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Alternatively, go for one of the Signature Waffles, such as the Choco Banana Red Velvet with Choco Ice Cream (S$13.30), an indulgent combo of red velvet waffles, sliced bananas, biscoff crumbs, and chocolate ice cream.

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If you’re dining in a group, feel free to also order Injeolmi Toast (S$5.90) with the option of an additional S$1 for Cheese; or the Apple Biscoff Chocolate (S$5.50).

The best part? Sweet Reservations doesn’t use any pork, lard, or alcohol in their products, making it Muslim-friendly.

sweet reservations
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You don’t need the weather to be sweltering in order to enjoy bingsu, so why not head down whenever cravings strike?

Sweet Reservations
📍 118 Rivervale Drive, #01-K20, K21 Rivervale Plaza, Singapore 540118
🕜 12pm—9.30pm (Daily)

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