This cosy Korean dessert cafe is open until 12am and sells IG-worthy bingsu in over 13 flavours like Mango Yuzu, Choco Banana, Melon & more

by Marcus Leong

Have ever felt like having dessert for a full meal? In Singapore’s humid climate, having dessert for breakfast, lunch, or dinner might seem too extreme — but hey, anything to beat the heat, am I right? This new dessert cafe might just serve as the perfect Plan A (yes the cafe is called Plan A) to your cooling after meal plans. 

Plan A Dessert
Photo: @planadessert/instagram

Located in Star Vista at Buona Vista, Plan A Dessert Cafe serves very aesthetically pleasing and ig-worthy Korean Bingsu — yes, bingsus are still a thing. In case you don’t know what bingsu is, it is a popular shaved ice dessert — kinda like ice kacang — originally from Korea that was all the rave in 2015. Some might find bingsu to be a tad too sweet but I personally enjoy it for the soft and milky shaved ice. 

The cafe sports a cosy minimalist design with all-white tables and chairs to keep things bright and airy. The open-air shop space also makes for a cosy spot to hide from the afternoon sun and cool down with a nice bowl of bingsu

Photo: @planadessert/instagram

On the menu are 13 different flavours of bingsu ranging from the classics like Cookies & Cream (S$12.90) and Choco Bananas (S$14.90), to fruity flavours like Mango Yuzu (S$17.90) and Berries Lover (S$17.90). But if you’re a lover of Melona ice cream, you should definitely get the Melon (S$17.90) which features fresh melon balls and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Photo: @planadessert/instagram

Green tea fans will enjoy the Green Tea Lover (S$15.90) which features a scoop of green tea ice cream sitting atop a mountain of green tea shaved ice. The Green tea Nature (S$15.90) comes with green tea snow ice and Japanese azuki red beans — highly recommended for those trying bingsu for the first time. If green tea is not for you, the Strawberry cream (S$17.90) also comes highly recommended. 

Plan A Dessert
Photo: @planadessert/instagram

If you’re familiar with bingsu, you would know that the serving size is usually pretty big. If you’re dining alone and worried you can’t finish one regular bowl by yourself, you can also opt for the Petite Sizes (from S$7.50). But if you’re sharing and can’t decide which flavour to get, go for the Fruity Bowl (S$18.90) which comes with a hearty mix of blueberries, strawberries, mango and melon. There’s also an Avocado Lover (S$17.90) for the real avocado lovers. 

Do you need something cool to beat the heat? 

Plan A Dessert Cafe 
???? 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-27A, Singapore 138617
???? 11am—10pm (Sun to Thu), 11am–12am (Fri & Sat)

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