SweeT.Rex sells fluffy souffle pancakes sets for just S$5 in a hawker centre

by Evan Mua
sweeT.rex souffle pancake singapore

Many of us enjoy going to cafes and indulging in sinful brunch items but sometimes cafe-hopping just gets a bit too costly, especially when it comes to trendy items like souffle pancakes where good ones are hard to find at affordable prices. But if you’re a fan of these fluffy babies, you’d want to check out SweeT.Rex at Alexandra Village.

Unlike many of the fancy cafes in Singapore where a simple stack of souffle pancakes can come up to almost S$20, SweeT.Rex offers theirs at as low as just S$5 a set.

sweeT.rex souffle pancake singapore
Photo: @dorimingo813/instagram

Yeah, you have to dig into your sweets in the bustle of the hawker centre instead of a swanky minimalist cafe but you can also grab some other cheap goodies to pair with it, such as the popular avocado shakes there.

Even though SweeT.Rex’s prices used to be even more affordable, you still won’t find souffle pancakes at this price anywhere else. For an oldie but goldie, the most classic combo of Souffle Pancakes with Maple Syrup (S$5) will surely satisfy you with each pillowy bite of maple-soaked goodness.

sweeT.rex souffle pancake singapore
Photo: @sgalbum/instagram

With 2 pieces of souffle pancakes in each set, it comes up to around S$2.50 per piece. And you can add on ice cream for an additional S$1.50, which still comes up to a total that’s significantly cheaper than most cafes and gelato shops.

For the Sweet Tooth Rexes whose sweet tooth can’t be satisfied by just maple syrup, you can also get a variety of syrups to go with your pancake, with the 3 choices being Chocolate Syrup Pancakes (S$5.50), Caramel Syrup Pancakes (S$5.50), and Strawberry Syrup Pancakes (S$5.50).

sweeT.rex souffle pancake singapore
Photo: SweeT.Rex

While most people would travel down to SweeT.Rex for their souffle pancakes, they actually also serve up an assortment of cheesecakes that come in distinctly different flavours.

Coincidentally, one of their signatures is another popular trendy cafe dessert — Basque Burnt Cheesecake. At S$5.30 for a slice of creamy Basque Burnt Cheesecake or S$5.80 for a fragrant piece of Matcha Burnt Cheesecake, you won’t find many places with comparable prices.

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* Top images from @dorimingo813/instagram & SweeT.Rex

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