The Bravery shifts to Amoy Street with new look and early breakfasts

by Evan Mua

Continuing with the trend of re-openings in 2021, The Bravery has shifted from Lavender to Amoy Street. A brave move, as it joins a stable of stiff competition like Sarnies and P.S. Café in the area.

the bravery singapore
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This new outlet is two-storey tall with the bulk of the seats on the second floor. Contrasted with the homely, rustic furnishing of their previous outlet, the design of the Amoy The Bravery is more refined.

the bravery singapore
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The palette is cleaner and more understated while the fittings are modern and chic, with accents of wood to keep it classy. Long-time fans would be glad to hear that their signature array of hanging lights followed them from the old outlet.

The first thing you’d notice while entering are the eye-catching bags of Allpress espresso beans. The Auckland coffee roaster’s beans are used by cafes all over the world, including popular local ones like Plain Vanilla and Mavrx.

the bravery lavender latte
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You can some of that Allpress caffeine goodness in either Black (S$4.50/6oz, $5/8oz) or White (S$5.50/$6).

For something with a bit more pizzazz, their signature Lavender Latte (S$6/S$6.50) mixes lavender to infuse some gentle floral notes to contrast with the espresso.

the bravery guac & egg
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One of the most popular breakfast items at the new The Bravery has to be the picturesque Guac & Eggs (S$14). A hearty ensemble of toasts—one smothered with guac and the other adorned with silky scrambled eggs.

Besides the breakfast items, they also more filling lunch items like the Salmon Fillet (S$22), served with a brown butter sauce, Salmon Rice Bowl (S$20).

PHOTO: @hungry_lah/instagram

If carbs are your thing, then pastas like the Pesto Mushroom (S$14) and Seafood Arrabiatta (S$20) might pique your interest. Alternatively, a Keto Bowl (S$22) is also available for the gluten-conscious.

the bravery singapore
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Other than savoury items, they also offer a good range of sweets. Start the day on sweet note with treats like the beautifully-plated The Frenchie (S$14) French Toast or their Pancake Stack (S$14).

The Bravery’s opening is a nice boost for the area after long-time tenant Pantler moved out recently. With an early opening hour at 8am, The Bravery is sure to be an attractive morning indulgence for the office crowd in the area.

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