The Fabulous Baker Boy returns after closing in 2020

by Evan Mua

An F&B venture is a huge challenge to say the least, evident in the average F&B lifespan being so short. That’s why it was a poignant moment when veterans The Fabulous Baker Boy closed last year.

It was a short-lived exit as the café has found a new home at Aliwal Art Centre. The new cafe is closer to trendier spots such as Haji Lane and Arab Street, as compared to its old Fort Canning outlet.

PHOTO: The Fabulous Baker Boy/facebook

Just opened last week, The Fabulous Baker boy has expanded in both menu and size, now accommodating up to 70. The new space is positively vibrant with pastel colours and lushly fitted with greens, sure to be a popular spot for chill afternoon hangouts.

PHOTO: @juliuslim/instagram

For those new to The Fabulous Baker Boy, it’s a no-brainer to get their sliced cakes like AB Fab Red Velvet (S$9), one of their best-sellers.

But if it’s your introduction to them, go for the Big Lub’s Carrot Cake (S$9) that’s been raved as one of the best around.

PHOTO: @huidesigns/instagram

Besides that, they are also known to serve up some of the best Fried Chicken and Waffles (S$24), golden crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.

If you wish to opt for something less heavy, they have classic brunch items like the Good Ol’ Eggs Benny (S$14) and Grilled Cheese (S$16).

Besides the time-tested classics, diners can also look forward to the expanded range of this multi-concept café. As the name suggests, Chef owner Juwanda is a passionate baker, which means a huge range of baked goods.

PHOTO: @blupand4/instagram

Besides his signature sliced cakes, the menu also contains the usual pastries like croissants and danishes. But like many artisan bakeries nowadays, they make their own sourdough loaves too and those on display are absolutely gorgeous.

And with Motherdough moving away, they are a good replacement to serve the area around Haji Lane.

The Fabulous Baker Boy’s return is wonderful news, after 2020 took away many of our favourite restaurants. While many of them might be lost to time forever, we can still take solace that places like The Fabulous Baker Boy have managed to persevere.

The Fabulous Baker Boy
Facebook | Instagram
???? 28 Aliwal St Aliwal Art Centre, #01-01, Singapore 199918
????️ 9:30am–6:30pm (Tues–Thurs, Sun), 9:30am–10pm (Fri–Sat)

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